Balkans | Bosnia and Herzegovina extends a helping hand to the regions that witnessed the “disaster of the century”

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Balkans |  Bosnia and Herzegovina extends a helping hand to the regions that witnessed the “disaster of the century”

Bosnia and Herzegovina mobilized to help those affected by the Kahramanmaraş earthquake, which has been described as the “catastrophe of the century”.

While the International University of Sarajevo (IUS), owned by the Sarajevo Education Development Foundation (SEDEF) in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has become a fundraising hub in the country, volunteers of different ethnicities are working hard to prepare packages to be sent to earthquake victims.

Mehtep Ozer-Isovic and IUS students, who have been studying English at IUS for 15 years and working as a successful counselor in the English preparatory school, told Anadolu Agency (AA) about the aid collected and their thoughts on the earthquake area.

Özer Isović said, “After the catastrophe of the earthquake in Turkey, Turkish citizens and Turkish institutions in Sarajevo showed an example of mobilization and joined hands. Given its capacity and size, it was decided to use the IUS gymnasium as an aid collection area.” He said.

Pointing out that IUS students and alumni show great solidarity in terms of assistance, Ozer Isović said, “The number of our volunteers has exceeded 250-300. In one sentence, they immediately run and come to help. As you can see here today, it all comes together.” He said.

Özer-Isović noted that aid sent from almost all cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including small towns, was brought to the International Federation of Science, taken to the gym there and sorted by volunteers.

Emphasizing that they only accept new, unused products, Özer Isović, “The goods will be packed according to their size, age group and gender and will be sent to Turkey by truck in the coming days.” Use his statements.

Volunteers include students from many countries

Özer-Isović said, “There are students of many nationalities studying at IUS, and there are not only Turkish but also Bosnian students, students from African countries, Balkan countries and even Far Eastern countries among the volunteers here. Together they show a great example of solidarity.” He said.

Referring to the launch of the aid campaign yesterday, Ozer Isovic explained the products collected as follows:

“Products such as medical supplies, disinfectants, materials used in the production of plaster, clothes, blankets, sleeping bags, cleaning supplies, diapers, baby food and feeding bottles have arrived and kept coming.”

Ismail Kreshi of IUS died in the earthquake

Referring to the presence of 71 IUS students and their families among the earthquake victims in the region, Özer Ezović said that the lifeless body of IUS student Ismail Kiriçi was found in Hatay and that they were very sad about this situation.

Özer-Isović noted that earthquake-stricken IUS students started to come to Sarajevo and took care of all of them individually, giving all the financial and moral support that these students needed.

Volunteers work in Turkey

Armin Ribic, a fresh architecture student at IUS, said, “As a person who has many friends from Turkey, I think the best I can do in Bosnia and Herzegovina is to help from here, and that is why I am here to pack the boxes for to Turkey whose cities are damaged.” from the earthquake and I’m helping her.” He said.

IUS Visual Arts student Efta Neymarlija stated that she is working to help the earthquake victims in Turkey and said, “I hope that this aid will be useful and that the situation in Turkey will improve.” He said.


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