Balkans | Bosnia and Herzegovina’s ambassador Alagic said he felt at home when he was a student in Turkey.

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Balkans |  Bosnia and Herzegovina’s ambassador Alagic said he felt at home when he was a student in Turkey.

The Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Ankara, Adis Alajic, stated that he always felt at home during his 5 years of student life in Turkey and that he never received a ‘no’ answer from anyone when he needed something.

Ambassador Alagic, a graduate of Istanbul University’s Faculty of Economics, gave AA reporter assessments about the Turkish Scholarship Program and his experiences in the country and opportunities.

Expressing that the Turkish Scholarship Program, which is valid in many countries of the world, is a really great opportunity, Alagic emphasized its importance for Bosnia and Herzegovina as well.

Pointing out that the relations between the two countries are very solid and tend to develop further, Alajic said, “The relations between us in the fields of politics, economy, culture, tourism, trade and health are getting stronger day by day. The people who will take over this in the future are young people.” He said.

Alaçık stated that these young people should be knowledgeable and hard-working and know the cultures and languages ​​of the two countries.

Pointing out that Turkey is a very big, vital and important country, Alaçık said that Turkey is also the center of the world in this region.

Alaçık pointed out that the fact that Turkey is in a positive race with other countries in many respects, and that it has metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa, is a great opportunity for young people to receive education, develop and earn. Experience and encounter with other cultures.

Emphasizing that Turkey has also made very important breakthroughs in the fields of technology, communications and space research, Alagic said, “I heard from a friend of mine working in India, ‘If you are ready for India, you are ready for the world. “I think this is quite valid for Turkey, this is my personal experience.” He said.

Emphasizing that he is a graduate of Turkey, Alagic said that after completing his university education and gaining his first work experience here, he returned to his country and carried out activities to improve relations with Turkey.

Noting that he felt lucky by setting up projects with Turkey, Alagic said, “As a country that has succeeded in being a leader in the fields of economy, trade and investment, Turkey has made very important contributions to my development. This also applies to my current job.” He said.

Pointing out that Turkey is the place where many different peoples, ethnic groups, cultures and civilizations meet, Alaçık said that it is also important geopolitically and geostrategically and that there is wealth everywhere.

He has a special love for Turkish.

Alagiç, who speaks many languages ​​but has a special love and inclination for the Turkish language, believes that knowing this language means reaching not only Turkey but also a vast geography.

Alagic sees Turkish as a harmonious, harmonious, logical, rule-based, and algorithmic language, and thus believes that it can be easily learned.

Turkey always makes you feel at home

Alagic, who had always felt at home in Turkey, added the famous Turkish hospitality, and mentioned that he never received an answer of “no” from anyone when he needed it during his five-year study here.

Alçik said, “Even if people couldn’t help themselves, they all tried to help in some way, no matter it was the teacher, the person on the street, or the grocery store next to the dormitory.” Use the phrase.

Pointing out that he spent his best years in Istanbul, Alaçık said that he had a happy and comfortable educational life with a view of Istanbul’s Bosphorus, seagulls and many friends from the region.

While visiting many cities in Turkey and experiencing incredible friendliness and warmth, Alaçık recalled that his favorite cities were Bursa, Samsun and Konya.

Praising the people of Samsun and their hospitality, he stated that Konya has a special place for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“what are you famous for”

Pointing out that life never stops in Turkey’s lively, vibrant and big cities, Alaçık said smaller places also offer unique beauty.

Alagic said that when he goes to a new place in Turkey and meets people, everyone asks him “what are you famous for” and he hasn’t seen this anywhere else in the world.

Noting that every city and town has something famous such as beauty, food or custom, Alagic finds it very positive that cities and towns are in a positive race.

Alagic, from Black Sea anchovies to Malatya apricots, every place has beauty. He explained that there are modern, quality and beautiful universities in all cities.

Heart geography

Noting that Turkey attaches importance to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Alagic said, “Not everyone understands this expression, but we do. Since Turkey attaches importance to this ‘geography of the heart’, students can learn and develop very comfortably and well here.” He rated it.

Alagic advised the students not to be complacent in Turkey and that there is much to see, learn, encounter, compare, feel, taste and experience in Turkey.

Alaçık recommended paying attention to entrepreneurship, associations and NGOs in Turkey, and said that in addition to education, more contacts should be established in the context of both student organizations, associations, foundations and part-time jobs as long as the law and the school allow.

It is possible to have a nice environment in universities.

Recalling the proverb in the West that “the more you have, the more value you have”, Alaçık said that studying in a city like Istanbul gave him friendships from many different countries.

Noting that there are people from all over the world in the universities, Alagic pointed out that it is also possible to have a nice environment.

Expressing his pride in graduating from Istanbul University, Alajık stated that events for students around BiH are organized every year and this is done by other universities. Alagic, “Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey have similarities and points in common in the field of culture and history.” He said.

Thanks YTB

Alagıc, who attended the Turkey Alumni Forum held in Istanbul from January 19 to 20, where 200 prominent alumni from 60 countries gathered, stated that they met prominent names in Turkey.

Alajic explained that he feels very strong there, “because a very successful businessman from Mongolia, a very successful politician from Montenegro, an ambassador from Bosnia and Herzegovina and a very successful doctor from South Korea came together. We talked and laughed as if we had known each other all our lives. This is strength. And a great friendship. A very important agreement between us and the Presidency of Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) has made this happen.” He said.

Especially thanking YTB President Abdullah Eren and his team for giving the graduates the opportunity to meet, Alagic explained that they have also prepared many projects.

Talking about two different projects, Alagic said, “The first is the Turkish Alumni Association in Sarajevo. They are doing very well and assembling Turkey graduates in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are doing very important work for our countries. The second is Zambak, a Bosnian women’s association in the Balkans founded in Turkey. They move very quickly and they get support from us. They have carried out activities in the field of education, Bosnian and Turkish courses, literature and culture,” he said.

Alagic confirmed that all these are the results of studying in Turkey and graduating from here.


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