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Balkans |  Bosnian academics believe that the candidacy status will not affect stability

Academics from Bosnia and Herzegovina believe that granting candidate status to their country by EU leaders will not affect stability and peace in the country.

While politicians in Bosnia and Herzegovina see their country’s EU candidacy status as “encouraging and positive”, some academics and youth do not have a positive opinion about their candidacy status.

Admir Mulaosmanovic, Professor of Social and Political Sciences and Politician and Lecturer in the Department of International Relations of the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) Jahja Muhacilović evaluated the EU granting Bosnia and Herzegovina candidature status to the AA correspondent.

“We can say that this is a step that feeds positive things and gives hope for us to join the European Union, for Bosnia and Herzegovina to achieve a better future. In this way, we can basically say that the international community supports the new government that will be formed in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Mulawsmanović. He said.

Noting that he believes his candidacy status will not go a step further, Mulawasmanović said, “At the moment, the EU needs this geopolitical step, but I doubt it is a long-term step. Unlike other countries in the world, we can talk about a guarantee where it is done.” Counting individual interests as gains to get a better position. Very hypocritical as always.” He rated it.

‘The European Union’s decision is a disgrace’

Expressing that he does not believe that significant changes will occur in BiH, which has received candidacy status, Mahasilović said, “The candidacy status does not mean much. This process could take decades. We have entered an uncertain period. Dynamics in the internal politics of Bosnia and Herzegovina”. Use phrases.

Muhacelovic continued:

With Russia entering Ukraine, the European Union panicked about the Western Balkans. I think this decision depends entirely on that. In terms of the stability of the region, the status of a candidate does not bring much in economic terms. Therefore, as long as BiH’s negative internal dynamics such as immigration, unemployment, corruption, political division and bureaucracy continue, I don’t think economic stability will come.

Muhacilovic said that he does not believe that the status of his candidacy will change the security and stability problem in the region, and that as long as politicians such as Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik continue to exist, no serious progress can be made. Made in the country.

Young people believe that emigration from the country will continue

Young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where thousands of people migrate to Europe each year for “better conditions”, have expressed their belief that immigration from EU candidate countries will continue.

Efta Nemarlija, a student at the Faculty of Visual Arts at IUS, stated that she believes that BiH’s candidacy situation will not cause major changes in the country, and that it will not prevent one of the biggest problems, the “youth migration problem”.

“However, I think that joining the EU will have both positive and negative effects for Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Neymarlija said. “I think that EU member Bosnia and Herzegovina will have a higher status, and the economy will only improve with the entry into the EU. On the other hand, I think That joining the European Union would have negative effects on my country, as I believe it would bring Bosnia and Herzegovina and us Bosniaks closer to ‘Western values’ and away from ‘the values ​​that make us who we are’,” he said.

Mirvesa Halilović-Aliudzic, a graduate student in genetics and bioengineering at IUS, said she is among those who believe that EU candidacy status will have no impact on her country.

Halilović Alihudzic said, “We are the only ones who can change the current situation in BiH. Getting candidacy status will not change anything in BiH. This is a very long and arduous process. I think BiH will be more successful on its own. Until now, young people choose to live in Abroad I believe that if our country becomes a member of the European Union, more people will leave the country. He said.

The entire Western Balkans is on its way to the EU

Bosnia and Herzegovina, which applied for EU membership some 7 years ago, has taken the first step in a long road with its candidate country status.

It is mentioned that the “difficult part” for the country, which has one of the most complex political structures in the world with the Dayton Peace Treaty, which ended the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is the negotiations to join the European Union, which came after the status of the candidate country.

In the Western Balkans, Slovenia in 2007 and Croatia in 2013 became EU members, while North Macedonia in 2005, Montenegro in 2010, Serbia in 2012 and Albania in 2014 gained candidate country status.

With Kosovo’s application for EU membership this week, all countries in the region are expected to continue to progress on their “EU membership goal”.


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