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Balkans |  Bosnian-Australian actor Strike: Istanbul is the capital of the world

Bosnian-Australian actor Rashad Strick stated that he loves Turkey very much and that Istanbul is the “capital of the world”.

Strick, the 41-year-old Australian-born actor, presenter, and broadcaster of Bosnian descent, who runs a coffee shop in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, shared his love of Turkey and his upcoming project with AA Reporter.

Strick said, “I was born in Australia, got my education there, and finished my college there. I graduated from the Department of Acting and Film. After that, I did TV shows and movies in Australia and acted in a few movies in Hollywood.” He said.

Strick explained that he had decided to come to Bosnia and Herzegovina to “marry a Muslim woman”, “I knew I would not find a Muslim woman in Hollywood. My father is Bosnian. My grandfather, uncles and relatives lived in Bosnia and Herzegovina and I loved Sarajevo very much. Only the first problem was the lack of job opportunities.” He said.

“My eyes want to see Anatolia”

Stating that he received an invitation from Turkey to learn Turkish and act in TV series, Strick immediately accepted this invitation and said, “It was very difficult, but I learned Turkish. I worked on a few TV series and some independent films on TRT. After that, A cultural program called “A New Family Member” started on TRT Documentary Channel and I have been participating in this program for 5 years. Thanks to this, I traveled around the world and it was a good experience for me. Use his statements.

Stating that he will be hosting a new program that will start on TRT Belgesel in the near future, Strik continued as follows:

“I am very happy that a new adventure will begin. In the program, there will be more work and hard work and we will put a new name. Rashad Strike will tour Anatolia. My eyes want to see Anatolia. I am a Western Muslim, but my roots are Ottoman. I love Turkey very much and I want to explore people cultures and villages.”

Strick pointed out that the imam of the mosque, from whom he learned Quran lessons in Australia during his childhood, was a Turk called Selim from Sparta, and they did not know much about Turkey in those years, but only knew about foods such as Turkish delight and kebabs, which are famous in Turkey.

“Turkey has reached a very good position”

Stating that Turkey is currently the “leading country” and that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is helping Muslim countries around the world, Strick said, “I lived in California for 5 years (USA). It was very bad, and the streets were from north to north. The south is full of homeless people. We need to look at the case of Turkey and California. In my opinion, Turkey has reached a very good situation.” He said.

Strick said he came to Turkey for the first time in 2010, “It was my first time in Istanbul. There is no city in the world as fertile as Istanbul. Istanbul is the capital of the entire Islamic world, even the world. It is a beautiful city. In all its streets are mosques and minarets.” How do I feel?” He used his statements.

Noting that the Turkish people are very hardworking, Strick also stated that he wanted to get the message that “the country needs protection” across to Turkey.


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