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Balkans |  Bosnian brothers involved in Hatay: Turks showed their generosity even in disaster

The Bosnian brothers who participated in the search and rescue efforts in the earthquake-affected area of ​​Kahramanmaraş, which is described as the “disaster of the century,” said they were amazed at the steadfastness of the Turkish people.

In the search and rescue team of 234 people who moved from Bosnia and Herzegovina to the earthquake zone in Turkey; Brothers Adi Vrapac and Omer Simik, with a mother and father, talked about the days they spent in Turkey.

Vrapac, a member of the team that is a source of pride for Bosnia and Herzegovina by escaping 26 people from the rubble in the search and rescue efforts, said that they first went to Adana and then to Hatay by helicopter. “We knew we were going into a devastated area, but when we saw how huge the rate of disaster was, we were all speechless,” said Vrapac. He said.

Vrapac stated that as soon as they arrived in Hatay, they went to the area where the wreckage was found and started working, “No photo or video can convey that disaster. You are passing through a city where the sirens never stop, and there is a long line of vehicles in waiting beside you.” Use phrases.

When he saw the wreckage in Hatay, Vrapac said, he realized that material things were of no importance, and said, “We found people stuck under cupboards with things they’ve had in their lifetime. We came across unopened linens and dinner sets. But in this case, no one asked, ‘Do you You found my gold, my things?” Not everyone asked, “Did you find my brother, father, and mother?” He was asking. He said.

Frapak described an event he would never forget for the rest of his life, in these words:

We were working on the wreckage of a 13-story building. We started removing the bodies, and within a couple of minutes, we removed the ones we thought belonged to the father and daughter. Then we pulled out the body of a mother and her two children from under the rubble.”

“I can’t find words to describe the Turkish people”

Expressing their admiration for the Turkish people’s unity in solidarity, Vrapac said, “I can’t find the words to describe the Turkish people. Even in this disaster, they have shown how generous and resilient they are. I stand behind everything I say with every word.” He said.

Frapak emphasized the satisfaction of the Turkish people with what they had despite their losses, but he believed that Turkey would get out of the current situation as soon as possible and in the best way.

Pointing out that he and his brother were working in a different wreckage area in Hatay, Vrapac noted that his brother Omer’s birthday was on February 14 and that they only spoke on this occasion.

Of course I was wondering about my brother, said Vrapac. As the big brother, I felt responsible and proud that we were working together.” Use Phrases.

Satisfied with their support for the search and rescue effort, Vraback said, “We did everything we could in the field, but we would be happier if we could have done more.” He said.

“Some scenes will remain hidden from view for the rest of our lives.”

The 25-year-old Simic explained that they pulled a 70-year-old man out of the wreckage and said, “That moment was very special and a happy moment for the whole team. It boosted our morale when we first arrived in Hatay.” He said.

Simic said that when they came to the camp site to rest, they heard that signs of life of 8 people were found in the wreckage in Iskenderun, they immediately went to the scene of the accident and prayed to God to give strength to the people under the wreckage.

“Thank God, we saved 6 people first, and then the remaining people.” Simic confirmed, using an expression, that the feeling they had at that moment was incredible.

Semic said that when a block of concrete is lifted, the hand sticking out from under it will never forget the moment it grabbed it with his hand; He pointed out that everyone cried because of this situation, noting that when they pulled people out alive from under the rubble, they left behind their sadness and fatigue.

Finding their father, mother, and daughters cuddling together in the wreckage as they worked, Simic said, “I think the whole team will never forget that moment. We’ve had many other similar scenes. We found the body of a father and his child lying on his lap in a building. Some scenes won’t go away for the rest of us.” Our life “. He rated it.


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