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Balkans |  Bosnians who graduated from Turkey believe that studying at a university in Turkey is special

Bosnians who have received a university education in Turkey believe that this education is useful and special.

Among the Bosnians who graduated from Turkey are teachers, doctors, engineers and people of many different professions, while Minister of Economy of the Zenica Doboj Canton of Bosnia and Herzegovina Samir Sibonjic, dentist Mirema Sulekanović Bongo, Aida Keskin and businessman Samir Vildik told Anadolu Agency about their years of work in Bosnia and Herzegovina. . Turkey.

Istanbul University Faculty of Medical Sciences graduate Samir Sibuncic said, “Turkey offers students a way of life along with education. I can easily say that our students who will receive a university education in Turkey will learn a culture similar to ours, which is a system that is not given importance in our country and we should all be interested in it,” he said.

Ciponjic noted that students who study in Turkey are able to make their own decisions:

Young people have the opportunity to make their own decisions and achieve their goals independently by being away from their families. Personally, this experience has brought great results in my working life. After opening my own company, I devoted myself to my work, making independent decisions, and today I am the Minister of Economy of Zenica Doboj Canton.

Sibuncic mentioned that the education system in Turkey works in a very high quality and in an organized manner, and that there are many dormitories and university campuses in all cities.

Emphasizing that knowing the Turkish language is a privilege, Šibunjic noted that many people who returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina after receiving education in Turkey established their own companies and found jobs in good companies.

Mirema and Aida work as dentists in Sarajevo

Mirima Solikanović-Bonju, a graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry of Istanbul University, and Aida Kateng, a graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry of Hacettepe University, indicated that they provide high-quality service to the public in the dental hygiene and cosmetic clinic that they work in in the capital, Sarajevo.

Expressing his pride in studying at Istanbul University, Bongo said, “In addition to my professional advancement, I got to know Turkish culture and traditions, I was even introduced to the cultures of students from other countries in Istanbul, and I think this enriches me.” He said.

Bongo stated that he decided to return to his country after completing his university education, and after working in many different fields, he is now working in a leading dental clinic in Sarajevo.

Noting that he did not break his ties with Turkey, Bongo said he had spent the best time of his life in Istanbul.

Kaiser also mentioned that he felt at home, rather than in a foreign country during his years in Turkey, and said, “Turkey is one of the rare countries that offers so many different opportunities all together. Learning Turkish and learning a new culture is another good thing to study at a university.” in Turkey “. He said.

Pointing out that Turkish people have a very good approach towards students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Keskin said, “When you say you are from Bosnia and Herzegovina, you feel that they love you the most. They do everything to support you, which makes you feel special.” Use phrases.

“Turkey taught us that we are valuable and useful individuals”

Born in the city of Kalessia in northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, Fildic said he went to Turkey at the age of 13 to continue his education.

Fildek said that after completing his secondary education, he graduated from Uludag University, Faculty of Theology, and then completed his master’s and doctoral degrees at the same university. He said.

Noting that getting an education in Turkey is a great advantage, Fildic said, “Beside teaching us, Turkey has taught us how to return to our country, how to earn money, and that we are valuable and useful individuals in our country.” He rated it.

Fildic stated that he is currently holding the position of a manager in a company aimed at attracting investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that the company has offices and representations in Turkey, Serbia, Croatia, Iran, India and China, and that offices are in Germany and North Macedonia. It will open soon.

Explaining that he is also the representative director of the Balkans and Europe for a brand in Turkey that produces car care products, cleaning products, carpet washing, and protective paints and varnishes, Fildec expressed his belief that training in Turkey is beneficial for a professional life.


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