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Balkans |  Boycott statement from Corti

Kosovar Prime Minister Albin Kurti said that the extraordinary local elections held in four municipalities in the north of the country were interrupted by the Belgrade administration.

In congratulating the new mayors through his account on social media, Kurti reminded that the elections passed without incident, and conveyed his thanks to the Central Election Commission, which organized the elections, and the Kosovo police for providing security and people supporting the elections.

Pointing out that citizens are trying to intimidate and intimidate them ahead of the elections, Kurti said, “This is the reason for the low turnout. The boycott was imposed by the threat campaign launched by the Belgrade administration and its criminal tools in northern Kosovo. I thank our people for showing courage and maintaining their composure.” He said.

Prime Minister Kurti stated that mayors and mayors who won the elections should work with sincerity and added that the government would support their work.

Local elections held in four Serb-dominated municipalities in northern Kosovo on Sunday were held with low participation due to a Serb boycott.

Kosovo’s Central Election Commission announced that turnout in the local elections, in which 45,000 voters are eligible to vote, remained at 3.47 percent.

The decision to hold early local elections was taken after the resignation of the mayors of the northern Kosovo cities of Leposavic, Zubin Potok, North Mitrovica and Zvecan in November last year, along with the decision of the Serbs to withdraw from Kosovo’s institutions.

source: Balkan News

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