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Balkans |  Bulgaria moved up two places in the international innovation rankings

In his speech to the participants in the symposium on “Innovations and Sustainability in Diplomacy,” the Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Economy and Industry, Yanko Topalov, said: “Bulgaria has risen two ranks in the ranking of international innovation by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and 132 countries in the world according to the Global Competitiveness Index 2022, and it ranked 35 between them.

Deputy Minister Topalov shared the experiences of the Ministry of Economy and Industry in promoting, supporting and creating conditions for innovation and sustainable development in our country. Topalov presented five thematic areas where he directed his efforts to accelerate the development of Bulgaria: information and communication technologies, mechatronics and microelectronics, healthy living industry, bioeconomy and biotechnology, new technologies in the field of creativity and recreation, clean creative technologies and popularization. and the low carbon economy. It was identified in the smart specialization innovation strategy based on competitive advantage and smart specialization ability.

“It is very important that Bulgaria continues to develop its innovative potential and transform it into marketable products that create real advantages for companies and consumers, mobilize scientific and technical cooperation and open the field of science and innovation to countries with which it actively cooperates and is friendly to countries,” said the Deputy Minister. Pointing to the example of the revival of relations between Bulgaria and the UAE, Topalov said: “The growth trend in bilateral trade volume continues by 25% or a total of 143.1 million USD. In the first ten months of 2022, Bulgaria’s exports accounted for nearly two-thirds of this trade volume, a large portion of which are machine-made products, electrical equipment, and medical consumables.

The symposium was organized by the State University for Library Studies and Information Technology (UNIBIT) in Sofia, the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates and the Bulgarian-Emirati Friendship and Cooperation Council. The opening ceremony was attended by the UAE Ambassador to Bulgaria, Sultan Al-Awaimi, and the Chairman of the Bulgarian-Emirati Friendship and Cooperation Council, Prof. Dr. doctor. Stoyan Denchev, Director of the Institute of Bulgarian Diplomacy, Tanya Mihailova, Foreign Policy Adviser to the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Diliana Slavova, and guests were present.

source: Kircaalinews

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