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Balkans |  “Bulgaria needs more time to prepare a second military aid package for Ukraine”

Bulgarian Defense Minister Todor Tagarev told the press after the NATO summit in Vilnius that “the Ministry of Defense needs more time to consider what the second military aid package to Ukraine should include.”

The second package will be similar in content and size to the first package sent by the interim government.

Academic Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov said: “It is very important that this aid arrives on time. The aid is tailored to Ukraine’s needs, but above all we look at what is needed for our military.” Among the rest, Bulgaria can send ammunition or other technical means, which are included in the list presented by President Zelensky.

Military assistance to Ukraine was not discussed at the Vilnius summit. The discussion took place at the political level in connection with the inclusion of Ukraine in the coalition. The country received the full support of NATO member states, who made a concrete commitment to accept it into the alliance. The Prime Minister confirmed three important decisions in this regard. Even more important is the creation of the NATO-Ukraine Council, which puts the President of Ukraine on a par with all other heads of state. Secondly, the process of joining the coalition is simplified and shortened as the candidate country goes through many steps. The third solution is the provision of serious economic and military aid to Ukraine, which was announced by the Group of Seven major countries.

The Prime Minister described the meeting with the Heads of State of Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the Republic of Korea as interesting and useful. China is not seen as an enemy, Denkov emphasized, “Yes, it is an economic competitor, but we must look for common issues to work with.”

Defense Minister Todor Tagarev also announced that the national combat group on the territory of Bulgaria is planned to be strengthened to the brigade level, but this is not immediately possible. The goal is to build the logistical infrastructure and everything necessary for maintenance in the country, to clarify the military units and teams of our allies that will come to our country, to conduct regular exercises, to conduct the work of the headquarters and its interaction with other departments. Thus, when necessary, our battle group will be reinforced to a brigade size. “At the moment, we are not talking about an entire brigade in our country,” the minister emphasized.

Drawing attention to the need to increase the level of situational awareness, Tagarev said: “In this way, in the event of a threat, we will be aware of it in time to start the process of supplying the relevant departments planned for our country.”

Bulgarian Chief of Staff Admiral Emil Evtimov explained that “measures related to deterrence and defense in the Black Sea have been carried out sequentially since the NATO summit in Warsaw, during which the Forward Presence (eFP) of the combat group was strengthened and the combat adaptive presence group in the Black Sea area was established.” He added. Chief of Staff: “Since then, it has evolved and is being applied in the air, on land, at sea, in cyberspace and even in outer space.”

source: CardZhalNews

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