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Balkans |  Bulgaria ranks third in the European Union in copper mining

Bulgarian Minister of Economy and Industry Nikola Stoyanov said, in his opening speech at the International Conference on Automobiles and Batteries 2023, “Bulgaria ranks third in the European Union (EU) in copper mining and our country needs to take advantage of its strategic location.”

Stoyanov commented: “The automotive industry is undergoing important transformations that will determine the future of the industry in the coming years.” The minister stressed the growing importance of battery production and the development of electric mobility, on the other hand, as European companies are currently looking for opportunities to bring important production back from Asia to Europe. According to Stoyanov’s testimony, Bulgaria can offer European companies a lot to respond to both shifts in the sector. The minister said, “We are a member state of the European Union with an important geographical position in terms of the Balkans and the Middle East. In addition, we are among the leading countries in the mining of many minerals, which are very important for the automotive industry and especially for the production of batteries.”

Stoyanov reminded that an investment map of re-industrialization has been developed in Bulgaria, which will show a clear picture of the useful materials extracted in our country and the economic experience of each region, together with the room of mines and geology. The minister pointed to the continued development of state-owned industrial zones, “because these are the sites that can offer the most to companies that want to move their activities to a close distance.”

The ceremony was also attended by Deputy Prime Minister for European Union Finance Administration Atanas Pekanov. Organized by the Bulgarian Automotive Group and the Bulgarian Investment Agency, the conference will take place from April 25-27, 2023. More than 150 leaders and experts in the global automotive industry will discuss topics related to decarbonization of the industry, the latest developments in electric vehicle batteries and energy storage systems, and transformation digital and manufacturing innovation, and more.

source: CardZhalNews

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