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Balkans |  Bulgaria returned 9,940 coins to Turkey

In the Bulgarian city of Burgas, 2,940 Turkish-owned coins, seized while being smuggled into the country, have been returned to the Turkish authorities.

A ceremony was held at the Regional Customs Directorate in Burgas to return 2,940 coins smuggled from Turkey.

Sinim Guzel, Consul General of Turkey in Burgas, Zeynep Boz, Head of the Anti-Smuggling Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Burcu Özdemir, Director of Anti-Smuggling Abroad, Archaeologist Veci Gunduz from the Directorate of Antiquities Museums in Istanbul, and Bulgarian. Officials attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, a protocol was signed on the return of coins obtained through illegal excavation in Samsun and smuggled into Bulgaria.

It is noteworthy that the coins date back to the period of the Kingdom of Pontus in the first century BC.

The head of the department, Boz, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they had signed a protocol regarding the return of the smuggled currency from Turkey.

Pointing out that this solidarity between neighboring countries is a model for other countries, Boz said that Bulgaria responded strongly to Turkey’s requests for cooperation and that the solidarity between the two countries had a great impact in reducing this crime.

They have fruitful cooperation with Turkey, said Krasimir Vossiev, Deputy Director of the Burgas Regional Customs, who attended the ceremony.

Fuchsev said the coins were seized in 2018 for sale to some collectors in Germany.


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