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Balkans |  Bulgaria sends rescue teams to Turkey

Two Spartan military transport planes of the Bulgarian Air Force, carrying aid for Turkey, took off from the airport in the Vrajdbna district of the capital, Sofia. There are people and equipment on board to help in the wake of the earthquake that hit Eureka earlier today.

Giving a statement to the press at Vrajdbna Airport, the Air Force representative said, “There are two crews on each plane. We have enough trained staff. The planes are working. We are waiting for the unloading to finish. In this type of mission, it is very important that the loads are placed securely in accordance with For the center of gravity of the aircraft, because the flight is still related to the influence of meteorological events. About 4 and a half tons of cargo will be loaded on each plane. We are preparing another crew to send to the Republic of Turkey.

Defense Minister Dimitr Stoyanov said, in a press statement, “A team of 58 people from the General Directorate of Fire Safety and Civil Defense is preparing to head to Turkey. The team will provide assistance to their Turkish colleagues in dealing with the repercussions of the severe earthquake that struck the southeast of the country. The rescue unit will contain Up to 20 pieces of equipment in addition to the necessary search and rescue equipment. We are also ready to send a medical team from the Military Medical Academy (VMA) to help the earthquake victims.”

Sofia Metropolitan Municipality will also send a rescue team to the quake zone. Transportation will be provided by the Bulgarian Air Force, while its actions will be coordinated by the General Directorate of Fire Safety and Civil Defense.

In a statement from the Greater Sofia Municipality, it was announced that “The Mayor of the Greater Sofia Municipality, Yordanka Vandikova, is sending teams of the Directorate of Emergency Aid and Accident Prevention to participate in rescue activities in Turkey.”

A team of 15 people, equipped with special search and rescue equipment, including thermal cameras, vibration camera and unmanned aerial vehicle, will participate in search and rescue activities after last night’s earthquake. The teams of the Greater Sofia Municipality will take part in joint actions in support of the Bulgarian Presidency and the Ministry of Defense. The teams will travel on a military transport plane of the Ministry of Defense, along with teams from the General Directorate of Fire Safety and Civil Defense.

Interior Minister Ivan Demirjev said, “We spoke to rescuers from the Bulgarian Red Cross (BÇK), and 5 dogs and 2 machines have been provided for use in search and rescue activities. The required assistance will be sent as soon as possible and we will provide tents for the injured to shelter them in the future. Any assistance will be provided. required.”

The statement issued by BÇK stated, “BÇK is ready to provide humanitarian aid to the Turkish Red Crescent Society to meet the needs of the population affected by the devastating earthquake that occurred in the Republic of Turkey on February 6, 2023.”

BÇK is ready to provide a bed set for 1,000 people consisting of camping mattresses, air mattresses, pillows, blankets, top and bottom sheets, pillowcases, face and bath towels, as well as 1,000 blankets and 1,000 extra sheets from emergency reserves. A kitchen table set including 300 dinner sets, 300 family tents, 300 heaters, 1,000 ammunition and 3,000 woolen blankets can be obtained from the joint Bulgarian Red Cross-Turkish Red Crescent disaster reserve.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it was not informed of the presence of wounded Bulgarians, after the violent earthquake that struck southeastern Turkey.

A series of severe earthquakes occurred overnight in central Turkey. According to the data of the Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center, the strongest earthquake occurred at 03:17 Bulgarian time, measuring 7.7 on the Richter scale. The earthquake was felt in the capital, Ankara, as well as in many cities of the country. The earthquake was felt in Lebanon, Syria, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania and even Albania, along with Turkey.

source: Kircaalinews

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