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Balkans |  Bulgaria suffers from a labor shortage

According to BULGARIA ON AIR, the post-pandemic period and economic crisis conditions caused by the war in Ukraine have changed the job market in Bulgaria. The proximity to the war and the prime location of our country reflect its tendencies. For example, the unemployment rate is currently at a record low, down from 4.6% in the first quarter of the year.

On the other hand, Bulgaria’s population is melting by five digits every year, and the demographic collapse is among the highest among European countries. This ratio reinforces the trend that there are no permanent vacancies in sectors such as industry, hospitality, restaurant business, public administration, education, science, healthcare, construction, transportation, commerce, and agriculture. The Manrower Group, one of the leading human capital management companies, has come to these conclusions.

According to, it is clear from the data that our country is the ultimate investment target for companies operating in the fields of information technology, customer service, production and HoReCa.

According to the Employment Agency’s June 2022 report, 173,784 highly trained professionals will be sought in the next three to five years. The most demanded professions will be: teacher, economist, electrical engineer, electronics and automation specialists.

In the next three to five years, companies in Bulgaria will also need more than 208,964 high school graduates.


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