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Balkans |  Bulgaria: Ukraine has no MiG-29 orders

Bulgarian Defense Minister Tagarev indicated that Ukraine does not aspire to warplanes of the old, limited-lived type of ‘Mig-29’ ​​owned by Bulgaria, and the Bulgarian Minister of Defense indicated that Bulgaria had to spend tens of millions of euros to maintain these aircraft.

Speaking to PTV, the country’s largest private television channel, Tagarev accused the interim governments of pro-Russian President Rumen Radev, who has ruled the country for two years, of obstructing aid efforts to Ukraine, subject to the parliament’s decision.

Tagarev noted that Bulgarian national security directly depends on the course of the war in Ukraine:

“Our support for Ukraine is strategic, not moral. There will be no security for us unless Ukraine liberates all its occupied lands and brings Russia to the negotiating table. Because, unless Russia loses this war and withdraws to its lands, security in the Black Sea and the Balkans will not be guaranteed.”

Minister Tagarev underlined that the recent interim government that President Radev specially introduced did not implement the decision of the Bulgarian parliament to support Ukraine on February 9.

Pointing out that Ukraine does not aspire to the old “Mig-29” warplanes that Bulgaria has, and Tagarev pointed out that Bulgaria had to spend tens of millions of euros to maintain these planes.

– “Russia will not achieve its purpose”

Russia is losing this war and will not achieve its goal. Tagarev said that Russia is trying to compensate for its losses at the front with hybrid warfare methods.

“In Bulgaria, where there is a strong Russian influence, some parliamentary forces work directly in favor of Russia,” said Defense Minister Tagarev. He rated it.

– “We are not preparing soldiers for Ukraine, we have no such plan”

Tagarev emphasized that the claim by Eleonora Mitrofanova, Russia’s ambassador to Sofia, that “Bulgaria will send troops to Ukraine” and has been repeated by the parties in the Parliament it serves, is certainly not true, and said:

“I say it clearly and precisely. We are not preparing troops for Ukraine, we have no such plan, and no such thing has been discussed. I certainly see no justification for sending troops to Ukraine in the next 10-15 years.

Tagarev stressed that Bulgarian military personnel can be sent to Ukraine when the war is over to benefit from the experience of the war.

Assisting radioactive guided weapons to Ukraine

Due to the two-year political crisis in Bulgaria, the country was governed by governments established by President Rumen Radev.

Radev, who said that “Crimea belongs to Russia” and “Russia will win the war” despite Russia declaring Bulgaria an “enemy country” for supporting Ukraine, strongly opposed helping Ukraine with weapons, ignoring the decision made by Parliament.

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