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Balkans |  Bulgarian and Turkish businessmen met at the Burgas Business Forum

More than 200 companies from Bulgaria and Turkey gathered at the business forum held at the International Congress Center in the eastern city of Burgas.

Speaking at the opening of the forum organized by the Agency for Supporting Bulgarian Small and Medium Entrepreneurs and the Bulgarian-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BULTİŞAD), Bulgarian Minister of Innovation and Growth Aleksandr Bolev said that trade exchange between the two countries exceeded 7.3 billion euros last year.

“The Turkish state is one of the main partners of our economy.” Pulev said, “Our trade relations, which are getting sharper, are satisfactory. The cost of Turkey’s direct investments in Bulgaria has exceeded 1 billion euros. Together with its indirect investments, this figure reaches 2.5 billion euros. 2,200 Turkish companies actively operating in our country create jobs for no less than about 4,500 people. He said.

Minister Bolev stressed that negotiations between the institutions of the two countries and the signing of the necessary agreements are also envisaged in order to further develop trade relations.

Speaking at the forum, Turkey’s ambassador to Sofia, Aylin Etcuk, said that Gazi Mustafa Kemal said in 1931: “Turkey and Bulgaria should remain friends, and anyone who is against Bulgaria is also against Turkey.” He remembers his words.

Eightkök said, “During a three-year period in Bulgaria, I witnessed this expression of Atatürk’s test in different environments and witnessed these tests with my forehead openly. We witnessed that Bulgaria approached Turkey with great solidarity and great love on the occasion of the Covid crisis, the occupation of Ukraine and finally the earthquake.” He said.

Ambassador Itcock noted that the relations between the two countries intensified after the February 6 earthquake in Kahramanmaraş, which struck 11 provinces, and that Bulgaria was one of the first countries to provide aid after the earthquake.

Pointing out that businessmen in Turkey and Bulgaria should work together to increase trade and investments between the two countries, Thein Kok emphasized that these initiatives have strategic importance in the relations between the two countries, and said, “For this purpose, we will assist our business sector in cooperation with all state institutions.” He said.

Within the scope of the forum, seminars were held on the financing that SMEs can get from the European Union, the working conditions of foreign investors in Bulgaria and Turkey, and the logistical advantages of the two neighboring countries.


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