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Balkans |  Bulgarian companies can apply for support to the NATO Innovation Fund

Stefan Savov, Deputy Minister of Innovation and Growth of Bulgaria, in his speech at today’s informational event on the NATO Innovation Fund and the Defense Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA), “start-ups and other high-tech companies will receive a resource worth one billion euros. They will be able to apply for support For the NATO Innovation Fund The Ministry of Innovation and Growth (MIR) supports the development of innovations in the field of defense and security as an important sector providing added value to the Bulgarian economy.

Savov emphasized that Bulgaria’s participation in the NATO Innovation Fund and DIANA provides very good opportunities for fundraising for local companies in this sector. According to the Deputy Minister’s statement, the fund will invest 1 billion euros over the next 15 years in emerging startups and early stages of development of revolutionary technologies (deep technologies). Savov urged companies in Bulgaria to be active and apply for financing for projects.

“The NATO Innovation Fund and DIANA will enable start-ups and high-tech companies in Bulgaria to integrate into the Alliance’s broad market and benefit from support tools to accelerate and support their projects to get to market faster,” explained the Deputy Minister. Savov added that the NATO Innovation Fund is expected to start working at the NATO summit to be held in Vilnius in July.

“MIR, in partnership with other relevant institutions and countries, will do everything it can to encourage the participation of Bulgarian companies and researchers so that their ideas find support and a market,” concluded the Deputy Minister.

At the event organized by MIR and the Department of Defense, MIR, DIANA Board of Directors, Sofia St. Big Data at Kliment Ohridsky University for the Institute for Intelligent Society (GATE) and prof. doctor. Representatives of the Tsvetan Lazarov Institute of Defense introduced the participants to the objectives and priorities of the two initiatives, and the next steps and upcoming opportunities to participate in the meeting were also discussed. Deputy Defense Minister Teodora Jenkovska also attended the event.

source: CardZhalNews

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