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Balkans |  Bulgarian.  Macedonian tensions continue

North MacedoniaThe closure of a Bulgarian cultural club called “Ivan Mihaylov” in the city of Manastir, BulgariaIt caused a strong reaction.

While Macedonian officials stated that the club was closed after naming a controversial historical figure accused of being a Nazi collaborator, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev argued that anti-Bulgarianism was behind the decision, which he described as an “expression of panic and helplessness”.

The North Macedonian authorities described the name of the club, which opened in April last year, as “provocative”, and the North Macedonian parliament passed a law at the end of last year banning the naming of controversial NGOs.

According to the Euractiv report, Bulgarian President Radev, arguing that the decision resonated very badly in the European Union, urged the North Macedonian authorities to admit that they deny the Bulgarian presence in the country.

The decision on this subject stated that “the glorification of Mikhailov’s actions causes incitement, intolerance and hatred in Macedonian society.”

The Bulgarians consider Ivan Mikhailov to be the leader of the Bulgarian national liberation movement in Macedonia.

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