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Balkans |  Bulgarian Prosecutor Gechev evaluated judicial cooperation with Turkey

Bulgarian Attorney General Ivan Gessev said, “We are not only neighbors and friends of Turkey, we also have common interests. It is not possible to defend our common interests without cooperation, fortunately we already have such a connection.” He said.

Gechev, explaining the cooperation with the Turkish authorities to the correspondent of A.

Gechev said he would hold talks with Supreme Court Prosecutor Bekir Sahin, Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag and Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu.

Noting that irregular migration and the fight against terrorism will be among the main items on the agenda during his contacts in Turkey, Gechev said:

We have had very fruitful cooperation with our colleagues in Turkey for many years. Previously, as Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor, I was very well connected with the Turkish Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Turkish public order organs. Also, two chief prosecutors, Sotir Tzatzarov and Boris Viltchev, created an environment of cooperation with the Turkish side. Since we are neighbors, this is of great mutual importance. We share both common boundaries and common problems.”

Our fight against international transnational crime will fail if we do not cooperate. Our efforts will fall short if we do not cooperate with countries inside and outside the European Union. Political differences should not interfere with the fight against criminal acts, because this is a common problem for all countries, “he said.

Jessev indicated that it would not be the right approach to reflect a large part of the studies to the public.

South Eastern European Prosecutor’s Action Forum

Emphasizing the establishment of the Public Prosecutors’ Work Forum in Southeast Europe at the initiative of Turkey and with the support of Bulgaria, Gesev said that the first meetings of the forum were held in Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania, respectively.

Pointing out that in this way, cooperation between EU countries and non-EU countries has become more effective, Gechev said: “Our common problems are evident, and we cooperated in combating irregular migration pressures, terrorism, combating cross-border crimes and money laundering initiatives. Without our contact Without knowing each other personally and without cooperating, we will not be able to fight these crimes truly and effectively.” Use phrases.

Jessev touched on the fight against organized crime as follows:

“We, as part of the justice system, do everything by the rules, but the fugitives respect neither borders nor rules. They try to act faster than us. We have to make up for their priority. The way to do that is through direct contacts between us. I can honestly say that “We have really exceptional and excellent contacts with the Turkish Public Prosecutor’s Office. We have no problems with this personal and professional communication. We always keep this contact alive. We fight our common problems together.”

Cooperation between prosecutors

While explaining the cooperation between the public prosecutor’s offices of Bulgaria and Turkey, Gesev cited Turkey’s extradition of Levent Goktas, who was responsible for the assassination of academic Necip Habilimoglu in Turkey.

“We went through difficult judicial procedures, but the arguments presented by the Public Prosecutor’s Office were accepted by the court and Goktas was extradited to Turkey for trial,” said Ivan Gesev. He said.

Gechev stated that there is fruitful cooperation with Turkey regarding the killing of a Bulgarian border policeman on the common border between Bulgaria and Turkey, and confirmed that information was received about the progress of the investigation in Turkey after the two sides met in the Yambol region of Bulgaria.

Jessev said: “Our Turkish colleagues mentioned that the incident will be over quickly and that it will be resolved through a fair judicial process.” He said.

Gesev stated that they owed thanks to their Turkish colleagues for their cooperation with criminal organization member Dimitar Jeliazkov, who was wanted in Bulgaria and arrested in Turkey. We have received invaluable help. ” He said.

Source: AA

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