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Balkans |  Celebrating the 21st anniversary of Köprü magazine

The program was organized to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the Köprü magazine of culture, arts and literature, which was published in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia.


On the occasion of the 21st anniversary of Kopro magazine, the day of presentation and signing of the book of the author and poet Momin Ali “Turkish-Macedonian Literature (Poetry) Formed on the Axis of the Bridge” published by Divan Publishing House was held.

In the program organized at the International Balkan University (IBU), Educational Counselor Omer Yerlikaya, Deputy Minister of Culture Daim Lucı, President of MATUSITEB Tahsin Ibrahim, Former President of the Constitutional Court Salih Murat, Representing Hasan Mehmet Itkok, Ambassador of Turkey in Skopje, Director of Culture Department Community members Admir Oikanović, Turkey Representative of Maarif Macedonia Foundation Mehmet Baran, President of Ansar Suleiman Baki Association, President of Al Ajyal Association Muhsin Kurtish, President of Kubro Husrev Amin Association, Vice Chairman of the Board Mehmet Arif, Editor-in-Chief of Kubro Leila Arif Hader Amin, and President of the Writers Association Kosovo Turks, Zenil Beksas, Taner Gutcloturk, and Literary Lovers.

In his speech here, Köprü Association President Hüsrev Emin drew attention to the fact that the story of the Köprü Association began on this date.

Pointing out that an article titled Köprü’nun Hikayesi was published in the first issue, Emin said, “There was a publication, but later, this society gathered under one roof and institutionalized it after a year with the magazine and carried it out from many activities as an association, with that seed Which was planted in 2002. Before that, our first program was held in May 2001. It was a period of internal struggle and tension, but we, as friends who study in the Department of Turkish Language and Literature, organized a poetry program on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the department.Then, when we say theatrical programmes, We’ve come this far.” He said.

Pointing out that tonight’s program is the beginning of the activities to be held on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the KOPRO Association, which is scheduled to be held in the fall, Amin said: “The first date to be remembered every year, especially when the story of the bridge was mentioned, was on January 25, 2002. On this occasion , We try to tell the history of this to new generations and explain the works that we want to do on the axis of literature and Turkish every year, either through the media or through activities and events.

– “It is gratifying that the formed memory is preserved.”

Poet and writer Momin Ali said in a statement to the press that they met with readers to promote the book he prepared while he was pursuing his master’s degree.

Ali said that the program for the 21st anniversary of Köprü magazine was crowned with the work that was written, “Of course, this night has a special significance. It is very important that the anniversary of Köprü magazine and the content of the magazine become a book. The magazine has already issued a certain publication in 20 years. The most important thing is that That it has created a memory. In order to preserve the memory formed, of course, it must first be recorded and copied, which has already been copied but turned into a teamwork, which is also pleasing. It also makes me glad that I did it.” Use phrases.

Ali said: “It is equally important that Kobro and Divan Publishing take this on and bring them together with the reader. It is interesting for me as it is for the readers and writers in Skopje and those who are interested in this field. That is why it is good to be together at an event like this tonight.” . He said.

– “This book will introduce us to the bridge and the poems on the bridge, and we will promote the book.”

Cooper magazine editor-in-chief Laila Sharif Amin confirmed that today is January 25, 2023, and that today’s date directly reminds her of January 25, 2002.

Recalling that they promoted the first issue of the magazine in the Necati Zakaria Library of Tafeuz Elementary School, Amin said: “21 years have passed, and we decided to take this historical note with the introduction of our magazine in our distinguished university, the Balkan University. In addition, we published the work he defended Momin Ali as a dissertation, and dealt with it in Kobro Magazine, especially in terms of poetry. He will present us with this book, The Bridge, and Poems on the Bridge, and we will promote the book. He said.

Expressing that they, as the Köprü Association, will carry out various activities this year, Emin said: “Since we started with the magazine, we decided to start the year with the magazine again. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of our association, we will have different activities. Today, with such a pleasant meeting, we decided to We start our activities with a magazine and we accept it. The magazine paved the way for the association as it paved the way for us. I hope that those who come here today will get good information about both the magazine and our association.” made the statement.

– “Publish a magazine in the Balkans waving Turkish like a flag”

Zenil Beksas, President of the Association of Turkish Writers in Kosovo, said that publishing a magazine is a really difficult task.

Emphasizing that publishing a magazine for 21 years was a great event, he said: “Why do I say all this, I published a Turkish magazine in Kosovo 25 years ago. Publishing a magazine is a shirt made of fire. Publishing a magazine is a wonderful event in the Balkans. It keeps The language is alive, and the Turkish language is waving like a flag. Kopro magazine has opened up new horizons for the Turkish community in North Macedonia.” He said.

Noting that a new generation has grown especially in the field of literature with Köprü magazine, Biksach said: “Thanks to Köprü, Lilas, Muhammeds and many other young poets have been brought to the literary scene. Köprü magazine should be celebrated in every way. I hope it will bring new hopes to young poets from now on “. Make an evaluation.

The VTR, which was made for the 21st anniversary of Köprü magazine, was seen on the programme.

After the opening words, in the introduction to the book of the author and poet Momin Ali “Turkish-Macedonian Literature (Poetry) Formed on the Axis of the Bridge” published by Divan Publishing, Faculty of Education of the International Balkan University (IBU) Dean Dr. Sihan Murtazan Ibrahim and President of the Turkish Writers Association in Kosovo d. Taner Gutklotürk made a speech.

The program ended with a signing ceremony for writer and poet Moamen Ali.

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