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Balkans |  Celebration of National Independence Day in Greece

One of Greece’s national holidays, National Independence Day on March 25, is celebrated with celebrations across the country today.

One of the national holidays celebrated in Greece, 25 March National Independence Day, was celebrated in solemn ceremonies in the same manner as it is celebrated every year throughout the country.

The festive fervor across Greece began with religious services held in churches in the morning. Next, we went in front of the monuments in the city centers and districts.

After the short religious ceremony, MPs, other states, county representatives, mayors, police, military, education and religious representatives, and representatives of non-governmental organizations laid wreaths in front of the memorial. Then a minute of silence followed and the Greek national anthem was sung.

The program continued in the celebration area. After politicians, police, military and religious leaders took their place in protocol, transitions began.

As in other cities of Greece, similar programs were organized in Xanthi and Komotini, and Independence Day was celebrated on March 25th.

Ceremonies were held in the Rhodope region, both in the city of Komotini and in the neighbourhoods. Wreaths were laid in front of memorials, sports halls, non-governmental organizations engaged in cultural activities, and primary, secondary and high school students made the transition.

The ceremony ended with the soldiers passing by, accompanied by the participants, with applause. The citizens showed great interest in the festivities, which were held due to the beautiful weather.

The ceremony in Komotini was attended by Rhodope deputies Evripidis Setylanidis, Dimitris Harito and Ilhan Ahmed of East Macedonia, President of Thrace Christos Metheos, Vice President of Rhodope Province Nikos Kalikidis, Mayor of Komotini Yannis Garanis, and officials from the police and army.

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