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Balkans |  Cevik: What happened in Bosnia will not be erased from our memory

Turkish Presidency for Cooperation and Coordination (TIKA) Vice President Dr. Mahmut Cevik said that what happened in Bosnia will not be erased from memory.

The 8372 Bosnians who lost their lives in the genocide in Srebrenica were commemorated through the program organized by Bağcılar Municipality with the support of TİKA. At the event, women and veterans from Srebrenica spoke about the hardships and sufferings they experienced at that time.

Within the scope of the program, the “28th Anniversary of the Genocide in Srebrenica” exhibition and the “Mother’s Scarf” exhibition were inaugurated and the event held in the Bagcilar Municipality Presidential Conference Hall was attended by the presence of the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina Ankara Adis Alagic and Bagcilar Mayor Abdullah Özdemir. , Member of the Justice and Development Party MKYK Ahmed Bilal Kemaz, Governor of Bagcilar Abdullah Uşgun District, Vice President of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) Dr. Mahmud Cevik, Consul of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Istanbul Inessa Kumar, President of the Srebrenica Association and Cepa Munira Subasic, Director of the Post-Conflict Research Center Vilma Saric, Director of the Srebrenica Potocere Memorial Center Professor Dr. Selcage prince Bosnian war veterans and many NGOs and citizens participated.

The deputy head of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), Dr. Mahmut Cevik said that the history of mankind has witnessed many tragic events.

Pointing out that the tragedies inflicted deep wounds on social and individual memories, Shafik said: “The complete healing of these wounds is a phenomenon that time cannot overcome. Despite the passage of centuries, the pain always remains fresh, and consciousness always remains wounded. The systematic genocide of Bosnians before 28 years is a tragic event. His pain will not subside, and what happened will not be erased from our memory.” Use phrases.

Reminding that thousands of innocent Muslims have been massacred in Sarajevo, Srebrenica, Ahmići, Pridor, Fars, Zvornik and many other cities, towns and villages, Deputy Chairman of TIKA Dr. “Only when Srebrenica fell into the hands of the Serbs on July 11, 8,372 people were martyred,” Mahmud Çevik said. As TIKA, we attach special importance to the warning “not to forget the genocide” referred to by Aliya Izetbegović. Established today in Sarajevo with the support of TIKA, Gallery 11 July, as the most visited exhibition in Sarajevo, tells the truth about Srebrenica to thousands of guests from all over the world every year. Our presidency continues its efforts to turn the battery factory in Potocari, which was the center of the massacre, into a museum of genocide. We are working to turn this place into a museum and express What happened in Srebrenica in all its nakedness.” made remarks.

We will insist on fulfilling the requirements of our responsibility.

Stating that history is also the design of the future, Shevik said, “Today’s services will coexist in the lives and memories of generations to come. We have a historical responsibility to put up barriers to future pains we don’t want. We will insist on fulfilling our responsibilities.” He concluded with the recitation of the common prayer of all the people of Srebrenica.

After the program, various gifts were presented to the participants by the Mayor of Bagcilar Abdullah Ozdemir and the Governor of Bagcilar District Abdullah Oşgun.

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