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Balkans |  Children’s Festival April 23 held in Serbia

The Children’s Festival on April 23 was organized by the Educational Counseling of the Turkish Embassy in Belgrade.

SerbiaMore than 500 children participated in the April 23 Children’s Festival held at the 22 Oktobar Primary School in Surçin district as part of the April 23 National Sovereignty Day and Children’s Day in Belgrade, the capital of Turkey.

Under the leadership of the Education Counselor of the Belgrade Embassy, ​​Turkish companies operating in Serbia supported the festival, as well as Belgrade Deputy Ambassador Pinar Şentürk, Education Counselor Mehmet Yilmazata, Principal of 22 October Elementary School Milan Luković and school staff.

The two countries’ anthems were sung at the ceremony, which students who are learning Turkish in the training courses voluntarily participated in.

Turkish and Serbian songs were sung at the ceremony, and ballet and folk dance performances were accompanied by Turkish music.

Pinar Şentürk said that April 23 is celebrated as an international holiday that brings children around the world together on the basis of peace, brotherhood, love and tolerance.

Senturk indicated that they are happy to keep this beautiful tradition alive in Serbia and pass it on to future generations.

Education Consultant Yilmazata stated that April 23 is also a meaningful day for the children of the world and said: “103 years ago, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk dedicated this holiday to the children of our country and especially to the children of the world. Our consultation held the event for the first time in 2022. This year, we will hold the event with you in a form comprehensive “. He said.

22 Principal of Oktobar Elementary School Milan Luković stated that the interest in the Turkish language has increased thanks to Turkish TV series and that the Turkish language has become a popular language in Serbia, adding that with the learning of the language, the two countries are getting closer to each other day by day.

After the end of the program, a certificate of appreciation was presented to the shareholders. Various gifts and sweets were also presented to the children.


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