Balkans | China opened its borders, which were closed due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, after 3 years

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Balkans |  China opened its borders, which were closed due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, after 3 years

China has opened its doors to the world by canceling the border control measures that were implemented after the start of the COVID-19 epidemic.

After the end of the quarantine period this morning The first international flights have arrived at airports in mainland China.

On the other hand, China borders on land with Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam in the northi Passenger and cargo passages through 8 customs gates have returned to normal.

The planes that arrived in the south of the country from Canada to the city of Guangzhou in the morning, and from Singapore to the city of Xinjiang and from New Zealand to Shanghai, were the first flights to China after the measures were lifted.

Gwangju Baiyun International Airport is said to expect more than 2,000 passengers from Doha, Dubai, Jakarta, New York, Seoul and other cities during the day.

While the Kovid-19 control and isolation points were removed at the international terminal of Shanghai Pudong Airport, passengers on the first flight from New Zealand met their waiting relatives at the terminal without any control measures.

Pudong Airport, which was the busiest airport in China in the past 20 years, served 39 million passengers annually in 2019 before the outbreak of the pandemic, while that number dropped to 1.64 million in 2022 due to quarantine measures and flight restrictions.

While Beijing was reported to be awaiting 18 international flights to the Capital International Airport today, the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration announced that diverted flights to other cities from the airport, which was closed to international flights during the pandemic period, can now land. in the capital again.

The border between China and Hong Kong has been opened

On the other hand, after the epidemic control measures between mainland China and Hong Kong were removed, land, sea and air transportation began. Ticket bookings for flights from Hong Kong to China rose by 62 percent.

As travel applications begin to be accepted at customs gates between Hong Kong and the mainland city of Xinjiang, it has been noted that transits are rare. It was reported that 1,600 passengers passed through the Futian Customs gate and 200 passengers passed through the Vincendu border gate.

While 300,000 travel requests to China have been shared so far in Hong Kong, it has been noted that travel will be limited to 60,000 people per day.

It was reported that the customs gates at the Ruili border on the Myanmar border and Suifenhe border on the Russian border, which had been isolated for a long time due to cross-border cases during the COVID-19 pandemic, have returned to normal.

On December 26, 2022, the National Health Commission announced that COVID-19 would cease to be considered a “class A epidemic disease” from January 8, and restrictions under the Border Health and Quarantine Act would be lifted.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that with the new app, travelers arriving from abroad will not have to obtain a health code from Chinese embassies and consulates before traveling, nor will they be placed in centralized quarantine even if they test positive upon arrival.

The Civil Aviation Administration also announced an end to the restrictions imposed on the number of flights and passengers on international flights due to the pandemic.

After the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, China canceled all visas in March 2022, closed its borders to the world and restricted flights.


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