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Balkans |  Commemoration of 9 people who lost their lives in the attack in Serbia

Those who lost their lives in the attack in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, in which 9 people were killed, including 8 children, yesterday morning, are commemorated with ceremonies throughout the region.

Candles are lit in memory of those who lost their lives in the region, especially in Serbia, after the attack by 14-year-old 7th grade student K.K. in the capital’s Vladislav Ribnekar Primary School, in which 8 children and 9 people took part. , including a security guard, lost their lives and were released.

In Belgrade, thousands of people went to the school where the accident occurred, lit candles, and left notes and games for those who lost their lives.

While events commemorating those who lost their lives in the attack were organized across Serbia, candles were lit in the countries of the region, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to information in the local media, the condition of the two students injured in the attack was reported to be serious, while the other students are conscious and their treatment continues.

Education staff will not attend lessons tomorrow

Meanwhile, it was announced that there will be no classes tomorrow in Serbian schools and that education workers will go on strike.

In the statement made by the Federation of Serbian Education Employees, it was stated that all employees will be in schools but will not attend classes tomorrow, and it was requested that metal detectors be installed at the entrances of primary and secondary education institutions.

In a statement issued by the Serbian Education Workers’ Union, it was stated that the safety of the lives of students and teachers is in danger, and that verbal and physical attacks have increased.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Interior called on individuals who carry weapons in their homes to lock them up, stressing that weapons should not be within the reach of children.

After yesterday’s attack, it was noted that security was tightened in the schools of the countries of the region.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, an 18-year-old teenager was detained who shared on his social media account that he was planning to attack a school in the city of Bihac.

A terrible attack on an elementary school in Belgrade

At Vladislav Ribnikar Primary School in Belgrade, KK 7th grade student opened fire on the security guard and students yesterday morning. As a result of the accident, 9 people were killed, including 8 children and a security guard, and 7 people were injured, including 6 children and one teacher.

The police statement stated that the boy carried out the attack with a gun belonging to his father, and stated that he came to the school with two guns and 4 Molotov cocktails.

The 14-year-old boy was reported to have carried out the attack in a planned manner and there was a list of the students he had attacked and a school plan.

The Belgrade Prosecutor’s Office stated that KK, who was under the age of 14 according to the Penal Code, bears no criminal responsibility, and a 3-day national mourning period was declared in the country.

Vladislav Ribnicar Primary School, where the attack took place, has been suspended until next week.


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