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Balkans |  Commemoration of the victims of the Khojaly massacre in Croatia

The victims of the Khojaly massacre, which was carried out by Armenians in Azerbaijan on February 26, 1992, are commemorated with a ceremony in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Zagreb Enar Imanov, Ambassador of Turkey to Zagreb Yavuz Selim Kiran, and local politicians attended the ceremony held by the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Zagreb on the 31st anniversary of the massacre of 613 people, including women and children.

Here, Emanov said: “The brutal destruction of hundreds of defenseless residents of the city of Khojaly in February 1992 was one of the most terrible crimes committed by the Armenian armed forces against Azerbaijani civilians.” The city was razed to the ground in a bloody tragedy called the Khojaly massacre,” he said.

The planned massacre of civilians, including children, the elderly and women in the city of Khojaly, was aimed at their genocide. The city of Khojaly was chosen as a stage for further occupation and ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijani lands.” Use the phrase.

Noting that it has been 31 years since the Khojaly massacre that none of the perpetrators have been brought to justice, Emanov said, “The killers who killed women, children and the elderly are roaming freely, many of them are even remembered as heroes in Armenia.” He said.

We are one nation, two states.

“When sharing, joy increases and pain decreases,” said Kiran, Turkey’s ambassador to Zagreb. We have gathered today to share the pain of our 613 Azerbaijani brothers who were brutally murdered by Armenian forces in Khojaly 31 years ago.” Use phrases.

“We are one nation, two states.” Kiran said: “This situation has been proven once again in one of the biggest disasters our country has witnessed these days. Server Beşirli from Azerbaijan says a lot about his love for Turkey. After the earthquakes he carried everything he had in his car and rushed to help the earthquake victims. He sought ways to help Turkey with his relatives and friends. He rated it.

Kiran noted that Ambassador Imanov visited them immediately after the earthquake and brought aid parcels to the embassy to be delivered to the earthquake victims.

Emphasizing that Kazakh Ambassador Altay Abibullayev and Hungarian Ambassador Demksak Šaba came to the embassy to express their condolences as resident ambassadors of the Organization of Turkic States to Croatia, Kiran continued:

The Azerbaijani government also provided the fastest and most powerful assistance after the earthquakes. Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov became the first foreign minister to visit Turkey after the earthquake. Indeed, the entire international community has shown exemplary solidarity with us against this catastrophe of the century. I would like to thank everyone who has stood by our people in these difficult times.”

Kiran stated that “the wounds of the Khojaly genocide are still open” and said, “Those who created such a human tragedy will be judged forever before history. Although 31 years have passed, the perpetrators of this heinous crime have yet to be brought to justice. Humankind needs to learn lessons.” For its present and future. On this sad day, we find consolation in the liberation of the Azerbaijani lands after nearly thirty years of occupation of Armenia. He said.

Pointing out that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was the first leader to visit Karabakh after its liberation, Kiran said, “During the visit, our two presidents signed the ‘Shusha Declaration’ that strengthened the natural alliance between the two countries. After the 44-day homeland war, a historic opportunity arose to establish peace and stability in Region “. He said.


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