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Balkans |  Complementary Courses Certificate Ceremony was held

A certificate ceremony was held in the reinforcement courses of the Ansar Association and the Kopro Association for sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth grade students in English, Macedonian and Mathematics.


The certification ceremony of the reinforcement courses consisting of English, Macedonian and Mathematics classes organized for students of the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grades of primary school students was held at the Ansar Association for Culture, Solidarity and Education, the Kopro Association for Culture, Sanar and Education in Skopje Bedsten today.

Speaking at the ceremony, Religious Services Counselor of the Skopje Turkish Embassy Mustafa Budur said, “You are all brilliant young people, you will live an enormous life ahead of you, but this small information will cause very different changes and transformations in your life. God Almighty opens the way for you and your luck. I also want to say to my fellow managers, yes, it is difficult to manage a place, what you are doing is a good job, if you take a step, God will bless your steps and turn them into big ones.” He said.

Muhammad Aref, Vice President of the Culture, Arts and Education Association of Kupro, who delivered a speech at the certificate ceremony, said: “Our promotional courses are among the most important works of the Kopru Association and the Ansar Association. We hope that our friends who come to the reinforcement courses will also attend the summer school that we organized during the summer semester. In the summer school, they will attend the classes we have organized in order to inculcate our national and spiritual values ​​in them and raise awareness even more. Today, we have college friends who have been trained in these courses, and we have friends who have come to the good offices.”

Speaking at the certificate ceremony, the Secretary of the Ansar Association Moaz Qadri said: “As it is known, the epidemic process ended in 2022, and as a result of the evaluations that we conducted as Ansar Association and the Bridge Association, we decided to start our courses again as a result of the requests we received, and therefore we organized our third course I can say that the project is one of the most important projects of the Ansar Association in the field of education. We aim to make the project permanent in the future. He said

65 students attended the courses, which were organized free of charge 4 times a week.

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