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Balkans |  Completion of the restoration of Haji Mahmoud Bey Mosque in Monastir

The restoration of the Haji Mahmud Bey Mosque, one of the artifacts from the Ottoman era, carried out by the General Directorate of Institutions, has been completed in the city of Manastir, southwestern Macedonia.

According to the statement of the General Directorate of Enterprises, the concerned building has regained its original function and appearance after the restoration work and is now ready for use again.

Stucco work was done to the building, the walls of the body, dome ends and drum of the dome were reinforced with carbon fiber and carbon fiber struts, and the original stone floors were numbered and removed for reuse.

The mosque’s foundations were cemented, gaps injected into the walls, and the dome covering the building strengthened.

The damaged roof of the narthex was rebuilt, the hand-painted work on the main dome and walls was completed, and the decorations of verses and hadiths of the Prophet were completed.

Existing stone piers, which had been dismantled by numbering, were put in their places, and iron balustrades and new stone slabs were made for the missing parts.

Ahşap pencere doğramaları ile kapılar yerlerine konuldu, eski fotoğraflarından yararlanılarak mermer minber tümlendi, bahçe avlusunda minareden sökülen ve kullanılamayacak durumdaki mermer şerefe korkuluklarının sergileneceği açık hava sergi alanı oluşturuldu, ısıtma ile aydınlatma imalatları tamamlandı, yapı içerisine halı serildi ve yapının şerefe kısmına kadar yıkık olan minaresi done.

In line with landscaping projects, including mosque, excavation, elevation arrangement, walking paths, irrigation installation, fountain, amphitheater, facilities and lawn, lighting manufacturing.

About 2 million euros were spent on the restoration of the Manastir Haji Mahmud Bey Mosque.

The “comprehensive reform” was implemented by the General Directorate of Enterprises

The Haci Mahmud Bey complex was built in the first half of the 16th century in Manastır by subasi Hacı Mahmud Bey.

According to the information obtained from the archival documents of the compound, the mosque and the hostel remained standing, while the mosque used to be a school and a hostel.

The mosque is located in Manastir, on the northern bank of the Dragur River, inside the old Turkish bazaar, near the bazaar, which was formerly Cikreccilar’s Bazaar, but is now known as the Fisherman’s Bazaar.

The minaret of the mosque, whose construction was made of stone and brick materials, was destroyed in the 1994 earthquake.

The first large-scale restoration of the mosque was in the period 1875-1876. In 1925, small-scale repairs were carried out and 13 shops were built on the north-eastern, south-eastern and northwest facades of the mosque.

The restoration work initiated by the General Directorate of Enterprises in October 2019 was recorded as the “most comprehensive repair”.


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