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Balkans |  Congratulations to Milatovic from Vucic

Serbia president Alexander VucicAnd the black MountainHe became the country’s eighth president by winning the presidential elections in Türkiye yesterday. Yakov Milatovic‘I regards he did.

In his congratulatory message, Vucic said: “I believe that you will show a firm will to ensure a life in peace and development for the people of Montenegro.” made remarks.

Stating that Serbia will always be a reliable partner for Montenegro in developing political dialogue and strengthening economic cooperation, Vucic said, “Serbia will continue to be a solid pillar of peace and stability in the Balkans.” Use phrases.

Milatovic, who won the decisive presidential elections in Montenegro, which has a decisive feature in terms of the country’s political orientation and its relations with its neighbors, received 60 percent of the vote, and incumbent President Milo Djukanovic received 40 percent, according to preliminary results.

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