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Balkans |  Crescent Society distributes Qurban meat to 2000 families

The Crescent Society, operating in North Macedonia, has successfully completed its sacrifices and distribution of sacrificial meat.

The program activity of the Crescent “Eid Al-Adha 2023” has ended successfully.

After distributing the aid boxes on the night of Eid, the Crescent volunteers focused on cutting and distributing the sacrificial meat presented to the agency’s offices. Thus, a total of 540 carcasses were sacrificed by proxy from the Crescent branches in Skopje, Tetovo, Gostivar, Kerkova, Struga, Ohrid and Ressen, as well as the main office and diaspora in Switzerland and Turkey.

Of this amount, the sacrificial meat was distributed to 1,500 families, mostly poor families, in seven locations across the country.

Considering that many benefactors also hand over the sacrificial meat that they cut in their homes to the Crescent for distribution, this year around 2,000 families were provided with sacrificial meat thanks to this humanitarian activity.

On the first day of the feast, the leaders of the Crescent, headed by President Bahik al-Din Shihabi, the head of the Sacrificial Committee, Irfan Isako, the three members of this committee and the head of the Gostivar Salah al-Din Jobani branch, participated in the first day of the feast. sacrifice activity.

And in a statement issued by the Crescent, “Despite the economic difficulties and the increase in the number of people, associations and other organizations that collect victims, the interest of philanthropists in handing over their victims to the Crescent is due to the understanding of this organization’s continuous high level of activity for 32 years.” It has been said.

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