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Balkans |  Critical exports from the Turkish defense industry: Kosovo supplied OMTAS

The OMTAS national medium-range anti-tank missile system, developed by ROKETSAN, has been exported to Kosovo.

The Kosovo part of the “Defender Europe 2023” exercise, organized to create readiness and interoperability between NATO Allies and partner countries, kicked off with a ceremony today. During the ceremony, the Kosovo Security Force (FSK) displayed its military equipment.

Among the presented equipment, it was noted that the OMTAS national medium-range anti-tank missile system produced by ROKETSAN was included. Thus, it was understood that Kosovo is one of the countries to which the national anti-tank missiles were exported, contracts for the export of which were announced recently.

There is no clear information yet about the number of launchers and missiles that Kosovo is buying. OMTAS, currently one of the most modern anti-tank missile systems in the world, will significantly increase the effectiveness of the FSK against armored targets.


Developed by ROKETSAN with local and national resources, OMTAS takes its name from the words “Medium Range Anti-Tank System”. OMTAS, which is used to neutralize enemy armored units, can be mounted on a tripod or vehicle. The missile has a diameter of 160 mm and has a minimum range of 200 meters and a maximum range of 4 km. OMTAS with an infrared image finder (IIR) head; It can be used day and night, regardless of bad weather conditions.

OMTAS, which has a bi-directional RF data link with the IIR header, has throw-forget or throw-update use modes. The update mechanism is implemented as follows: after a certain period of time, the missile starts capturing an image with the IIR head and transmits this image to the launcher via a radio frequency data link. The operator selects a new target based on images received by the missile during its flight or information from other friendly elements. New target information is also transmitted to OMTAS over the radio frequency data link, allowing access to another target.

Another vital benefit of the IIR and RF data link is that it provides an opportunity to shoot from behind the thread, which increases operator survivability. In this way, the operator hiding behind a wall or in a position can lock the missile onto any target after firing the missile from there and destroying the target.

In forget-to-fire mode, the operator can leave the area immediately after firing the missile. Thus, the player is less likely to be targeted by the enemy. For example, in laser-guided missiles, the operator has to continue aiming and guiding the missile until the missile hits the target.

OMTAS ammunition is insensitive to shrapnel and bullet impact. Thus a missile with a tandem warhead can be effective against armor supported by an Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA). The missile, which can perform its final attack on its target using one of the direct or overhead mode options, can show the highest level of effect.

ROKETSAN continues to deliver large quantities of OMTAS products. A significant part of the KAPLAN and PARS 4×4 (STA) weapons carrier vehicles, which continue to be delivered to TAF, are equipped with OMTAS missiles.

Source: M5

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