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Balkans |  Croatia and Slovenia to continue to assist Ukraine

Croatian Foreign Minister Gordan Grelic Radman and Slovenian Foreign Minister Tanja Vagon said that their countries will continue to help Ukraine.

Grlic-Radman and Tanja Fajon made statements before the Council on Foreign Relations of the European Union, which brings together foreign ministers of EU countries.

We have entered the first anniversary of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Unfortunately, the end of the war is not near, but it is very important that we stand in solidarity with Ukraine. We need to be united, patient and flexible.” He said.

Noting that his country will continue to provide assistance to Ukraine, Grlic-Radman indicated that they will continue to work on the psychosocial rehabilitation of Ukrainians.

Noting that he will meet Moldovan Foreign Minister Nico Popescu today, Grlic-Radman said, “Moldova is in a really difficult situation and we have to support them.” He said.

Expressing that Afghanistan is going through a difficult period, the Croatian minister said, “There is a humanitarian situation in Afghanistan and this is a serious problem. We must do everything we can to help the Afghan people, especially women and girls.” Use phrases.

And when Slovenian Minister Vagon was asked about the possibility of China sending weapons to Russia, he said: (hand over weapons) do not do this. Every weapon sent to destroy infrastructure and kill civilians and children only leads to an escalation of the war in Ukraine.

“We want to see peace and we must do everything to stop the war in Ukraine.” The expression fagon continued to be used as follows:

“We will help Ukraine however long it takes, because this is a war that Russia started in Ukraine. This is not a war between two countries. Like any other country, Ukraine has the right to fight for its independence and territorial integrity.”

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