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Balkans |  Deputy Foreign Minister Bozay: Türkiye has relations with Albania everywhere

Deputy Foreign Minister and Director for EU Affairs Ambassador Mehmet Kemal Bozay stated that they found a relationship with Albania throughout Turkey and said, “We also have common features with this beautiful country.” He said.

An international conference on “Past, Present and Future of Relations between Turkey and Albania” was held in Tirana, the capital of Albania.

The conference, organized by the Turkish Embassy in Tirana, the Albanian Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Albanian-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATTSO) and the Albanian Institute of International Studies (AIIS), was held as part of the 100th session. Anniversary of the establishment of relations between Türkiye and Albania.

In his speech, Deputy Foreign Minister Bozai expressed his satisfaction with the solidarity shown by the government and people of Albania after the earthquake that hit Turkey, stressing that this will not be forgotten and that the Turkish nation will always remember those who stood by him in a difficult situation. times.

Pointing out that the friendship agreement between the two countries should develop according to new conditions, Bozai continued as follows:

“We have to adapt to the rules of the new order, especially the EU membership process. We are dealing with the transition, the green deal and the digital agenda. In order to align with EU demands and respect the levels of the climate agreement, Albania and Turkey must use this friendly relationship to follow the same standards and lines as World standards. We must work together in this direction.

Emphasizing that he believes that cooperation between Turkey and Albania will develop further in some key areas such as energy, agriculture, tourism, health, rural development and innovation, Bozay emphasized, “Berat, Shkodra, Akçahisar, Ercieri, Vlunya, Goreçi, Tirana, Elbasan have many common cultural elements. We find a relationship with Albania is all over Turkey. We also have common features with this beautiful country. I am confident that the trust and cooperation between the two countries will continue to provide a model for the countries of the region and the whole world.” He said.

Albanian Deputy Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Meji Fino, stated that the philosophy of cooperation lies at the heart of the 100-year-old relationship.

Referring to the signing of the strategic partnership between the two countries in 2021, Fino said that there are fraternal and strategic relations between Albania and Turkey.

“Türkiye has shown its generosity with its continued support to Albania,” said Fino. He demonstrated this by voting for Albania’s membership in the United Nations, and by aiding Albania in 1991 and 1997. It supported Albania in its NATO membership, recognized Kosovo’s independence, and provided generous aid after the devastating earthquake and during the pandemic. All these are examples for which we express our gratitude to Turkey,” he said.

Atsu President Bilal Kara emphasized that there are strong economic relations between the two countries and said, “We have achieved the goals expressed by the Turkish and Albanian state institutions. It is an honor and a privilege for our generation to see this brotherly cooperation. Today, we are happy to see that this beautiful relationship between the two countries is also reflected in areas of economics and business. Make an evaluation.

On the other hand, AIIS President Albert Rakibi said that relations between Albania and Turkey have developed steadily over the past 30 years.

The conference was attended by the Turkish Ambassador to Tirana, Pilot Kacan Atay, the coordinator of the Yunus Emre Institute in Albania, Omer Osman Demirbash, the coordinator of Tika Tirana, Emin Gizem, the head of the conference, as well as representatives of Turkish institutions and organizations in the country and guests.

At the conference, former Vice President of the Albanian Parliament Valentina Liskai, Vice President of New York University in Tirana, affiliated with the Turkish Knowledge Foundation, Assoc. doctor. Elir Kalimaj and Mehmet Ugur Ekinci, who works as a researcher at the Ankara Seta Foundation, also gave speeches.


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