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Balkans |  Detention of a mayoral candidate from the Greek minority in Albania

The detention of a Greek minority candidate for mayoralty in Albania on charges of “active corruption in elections” ahead of the May 14 local elections has led to tensions between Albania and Greece.

At the press conference, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama made assessments about the local elections, including the arrest of Greek minority mayoral candidate Alfred Pileri.

Pointing out that the elections in the Himara municipality of Vlorë, where Pelleri is running, took place peacefully without any obstacles or incidents, Rama said: “The Greek minority is not an electoral scapegoat for anyone.” He said.

Rama said that he respects the elections and the escalation of rhetoric in Greece and that they will show wisdom and restraint, “to build a bridge of great, broad and strong cooperation and to take relations between Albania and Greece to another level.” With Dendias. I am determined to do my best before I act professionally.” He said.

He confirmed that he had heard a lot about this issue, he preferred not to speak and will not speak until the end of the elections in Greece. I hope there will be a dialogue.” He used his remarks.

Mayoral candidate detention and backlash

On May 12, the Albanian police arrested Alfred Bileri, a candidate for mayor of Himara from several opposition parties, on charges of “active corruption in elections”.

According to the statement of the General Directorate of Security, as a result of the police operation called “Matrix”, 51-year-old Belleri, as well as B. K. In Hamra and their villages “certain sums of money were offered for voting for one of the candidates competing in the elections”. It was noted that there was a suspicion of his involvement in vote-buying activities in the direction of “.

Following the May 14 local elections, Blairy was elected Mayor of Himara according to unofficial results.

The arrest of Blairy, who is from the country’s Greek minority, sparked reactions from the political parties and authorities in Albania and Greece.

Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis, during a visit to the capital, Athens, as part of his election campaign, said that Albania’s European perspective depends entirely on respecting the rights of the country’s Greek minority.

General elections will be held in Greece on May 21.


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