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Balkans |  “Diplomacy is one of the most important symbols of the Bulgarian state”

Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Maria Gabriel presented the foreign policy priorities of the Republic of Bulgaria at an official event on the occasion of the Day of Bulgarian Diplomatic Representation.

He highlighted Bulgaria’s active membership in the European Union and NATO among them, and emphasized that membership in Schengen, the Eurozone and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is at the top of Bulgaria’s foreign policy agenda.

Among the guests of the ceremony were the Speaker of the People’s Assembly Rosen Glyazkov, deputies, ministers and ambassadors. Bulgarian President Rumen Radev sent a congratulatory message to the guests of the ceremony.

In his speech, the Foreign Minister said: “Today, history unites the present and the future. We congratulate the decree issued by Prince Alexander I 144 years ago, which marked the beginning of Bulgarian diplomacy as a state service and sent the first diplomatic representatives abroad. On this date, we respectfully celebrate the work of generations of Bulgarian statesmen and diplomats. He pointed out that they are the “founders” of our foreign policy, which contributes to raising the dignity of our homeland.

Gabriel thanked the diplomats present and emphasized the benefits of good bilateral relations and strategic partnerships with the European Union and other countries in various fields. With a clear focus on public and cultural diplomacy, the Deputy Prime Minister said: “Diplomacy is one of the main symbols of the Bulgarian state. His foreign policy is shaped as a result of a concerted effort across the country in which the principle of ‘strength in unity’ is fully applicable.”

At the end of his speech, Gabriel noted that the diplomatic service and foreign policy of Bulgaria should become attractive to knowledgeable and motivated young people who have opportunities for sustainable career development through service to Bulgaria.

In his speech, Speaker of the House of Representatives Gliazkov noted that the role of Bulgarian diplomacy is to help resolve disputes by peaceful means and defend our national position in international relations.

source: CardZhalNews

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