Balkans | Dusan Tadic, Fenerbahçe’s Serbian player: I hope to achieve the title of Dzeko’s top scorer this season

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Balkans |  Dusan Tadic, Fenerbahçe’s Serbian player: I hope to achieve the title of Dzeko’s top scorer this season

Fenerbahçe’s new transfer, Serbian star Dusan Tadic, said he was looking forward to earning something with the fans and that as experienced players in the team, they should lead Fenerbahçe on their way to the championship.

Speaking to the club’s TV, Tadic said he felt very good feelings and said, “I am very happy to be part of this family. Before signing, I had good feelings for our president and board member Salaheddine Baqi and our sporting director Mario Branco. After coming here, I met the players and the technical team, and saw the facilities. I am even happier. I can’t wait to stand in front of our fans and win something with them.” He said.

“I hope I can make Dzeko the top scorer this season”

Tadic said he knew Fenerbahçe before he came and that good players have played here in the past.

“We can count on many players like Alex and Roberto Carlos. A lot of good players have been involved in the history of this club. The presence of Edin Dzeko here was a good sign for me. Which this year was a sign that this club was building something special. I already knew him, and then he also texted me. I knew he was a good person and a great actor. When you meet, you have the opportunity to see for yourself. I am very happy to be his friend as well as his teammate. The most important thing for us is that we can To make Fenerbahçe successful and to be successful in Fenerbahçe. I hope to make him the top scorer this season. Already on the way to here, our esteemed president, Mr. Baki and Branko told me, “They need more leaders in the team and players who can take more responsibility in difficult times.” Which I think is the most important thing. We need to defend each other in the times that are not going well, in the not-so-good times. Sometimes we have to be strong and strong, and sometimes we have to be good. As a technical team and experienced team players, we need to lead Fenerbahçe on its way to the championship.”

“Everyone loves Ismail Kartal”

Dusan Tadic said of their coach Ismail Kartal, who he knows is a Fenerbahçe legend, that he really loved him and that he saw how great he was when they met face to face.

About Kartal, the Serbian star said, “Everyone loves him here. He knows the club very well. He knows very well what the club needs for the championship because he has experienced it before. He always tries to make us better and higher. He lives for football. He is also in constant dialogue with experienced players. Like him, we are all crazy about football. We are improving every detail. I like this too. I had this kind of relationship with the masters I worked with before. I like what it is. I hope we win the league together, the most important thing.” Something for Fenerbahçe.” He said.

(Tadic On Fire) Of course I’d like to hear this song.

And about the song “Tadic on Fire”, which he sang about in the stands, he said: “Of course I would like to hear this song. It has become fashionable in Ajax, it has become famous. He was playing before the match and the crowd was singing during the match. I heard that the Fenerbahçe fans are great too. I hope to hear this song in the stadium.” Use his statements.

He loves to assist and score goals, Tadic explained, “21. I have to be the seventh or eighth player with the most assists in a century. I have to keep going like this. We always have to want more. Of course we have to be hungry. As the song says, I want more.” Share his opinion.

Emphasizing the importance of the passion and the relationship they will have with the fans, Tadic said, “We need them and they need us. On this occasion, I would like to send a message to our fans. Being together is the most important thing to be a champion. We need to be together through thick and thin. But that’s how championships come about. Only if we unite can we become champions.” Make an evaluation.

I will watch basketball games.

Tadic noted that he also wants to watch the basketball team and that Serbia is a country where the best players and teachers come from, “Obradović is one of them. They come to watch football too. The best case scenario for us is that both teams become champions. I will definitely watch volleyball.” He said.

He pointed out that his compatriot Novak Djokovic is the best tennis player ever, and this can be seen by looking at his achievements. The Serbian star said, “He accomplished everything. Nadal and Federer are also among the best, but for me there is a difference. This appears with the records that Djokovic has broken. He is the best. The numbers show this. Also a very good person. Someone who wants to make people around him happy. He always tries to be an example. Everyone in Serbia is proud of him.” He said.

“Not being a champion for 9 years is a situation that shouldn’t happen”

Referring to Fenerbahçe’s failure to become champions for 9 years, Tadic said: “We aim to be champions in all lanes in which we compete. Because we are Fenerbahçe. We have to claim it. Sometimes it is possible, sometimes it is not possible, but the most important thing for us is to win the Turkish League, because the fact that a team like Fenerbahçe has not been champions for 9 years is something that should not happen. Our president, our management, our fans. “And our club, everyone needs and deserves it. We have to give it to them. We have to work hard every day, do everything. We will do our best. I hope by the end of the season we deserve it and win it.” Make an evaluation.

“You have to show that respect for the country you’re playing for.”

On the fans, Tadic said: “The fans need to be happy and have fun. They need to support the team they love, and I see that love. I love seeing your passion. We need to be united all season. They need our support in good matches and in difficult moments. At the end of the day, I think it makes a difference. I hope we can be very happy and win titles together.” He said.

Emphasizing that he knows some Turkish words and that they have a lot in common with Serbian, Tadic said: “I try to do my best. He concluded.

source: AA

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