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Balkans |  Elon Musk also revealed the process of suspending Trump’s account

The new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, revealed that in his third disclosure to the previous company’s management, the process of suspending former US President Donald Trump’s account was discussed months ago.

Musk revealed, via freelance journalist Mark Tibi, the position of the company’s management during the congressional raid on January 6 and the suspension of Trump’s Twitter account.

Al-Taibi shared on Twitter the correspondence about the violation of the company’s policies and rules by senior management, starting with the events of January 6.

In internal memos from January 6-8, 2021, a Twitter employee asked, “Is this the first time a sitting head of state has been banned?” Al-Tibi, who stated that he made his comment, revealed that the suspension of Trump’s personal account, followed by the suspension of the White House and the presidential account on Twitter, was discussed in the aforementioned correspondence, and stated that its use could be restricted instead.

In the exposed text, it was not overlooked that the Twitter expert stated that the Trump administration would hand the job over to Joe Biden in the near future and that there would be no need to take steps towards these accounts.

As the election approached, he began to take pressure from federal agencies.

Noting that Trump’s account suspension was included in the January 6-8 discussions, Tibi noted that a senior executive wrote that “the context of Trump’s actions” and “what the American leader did during his 4-year presidency necessitated the move.” larger. picture”. He stated that the basis for his plan to remove Twitter from Twitter had already been discussed in correspondence a few months ago.

Noting that Twitter’s suspension of accounts was based on the rules-based automation and personal savings of some executives, Taibba stated that with the 2020 presidential election approaching, the company had begun to take pressure from federal institutions.

Tibi also revealed that by easing the policies, interference with high-level accounts began to be discussed and a “Slack group” was set up for this purpose after January 6th.

Officials reported the oversight to federal agencies

Journalist Tibi also shared the correspondence about executives who spoke about election-related content that could be considered violating in relation to federal institutions during the election process.

Tibi said that while Twitter censored news revealing information on the computer of Hunter Biden, the son of US President Biden, company executives met weekly with the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and National Intelligence Directorate, and received their opinions. revealed that he was informed.

Musk’s previous discoveries

In his first revelations, Elon Musk revealed how Twitter was censoring information from Hunter Biden’s computer, including content and news, in response to requests from the Biden campaign team.

Musk announced to the public that teams made up of Twitter employees under the previous administration had created blacklists under the previous administration, in a disclosure he made from his account called “Barry Weiss,” which was mentioned in his autobiography as founding editor of The Free Press titled “Files Twitter, Part Two”.

It was revealed that with said lists, unpopular tweets were prevented from becoming a trend, and visibility of all accounts on the list and even trending topics was effectively limited.

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