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Balkans |  Equipment support from Turkey for the Albanian police

Turkey donated servers and equipment to the Albanian Police in order to integrate some police software and store data.

On the occasion of the equipment donation, Director General of Security Mehmet Aktaş, who had contacts in Tirana, the capital of Albania, met separately with Albanian Minister of Interior Bledar Çoci and Director General of Albanian Police Mehmet Rombolako.

Regarding the meeting, Minister Çoci described, through his social media account, the donation as a “generous donation”, which Turkey’s response came immediately after Albania’s request for assistance.

Noting that the equipment will be used to restore systems affected by cyberattacks, Çoci said, “I expressed my gratitude on behalf of the government not only for their presence in this situation, but also for Turkey’s continued support to Albania and its police.” He shared.

In a statement issued by the Albanian General Directorate of Police, it was reported that Aktash was received by the Director General of the Albanian Police Rumbolako.

In the statement, the delegations of the two countries held a working meeting on “strengthening cooperation and building new bridges in areas of common interest,” and said: “The two directors general exchanged information about relations between the two institutions, about groups and individuals with criminal activities in the field of organized crime, and about arresting more He has conducted assessments about the implementation of joint operations. expression was used.

Our help does not end here.

In the statement, Director General of Security Aktaş, whose views are included, emphasized that Turkey and Albania have very deep friendship relations, and said:

Our help does not end here. We will have stronger support in our cooperation in the future. One of the areas in which we have a very comprehensive and strong cooperation is the provision of training opportunities and courses. Cooperation will continue in many areas such as combating terrorism, money laundering and organized crime.”

Rombolako, director general of the Albanian police, said the assistance comes within the framework of extensive cooperation with the Turkish police. Emphasizing that cooperation transcends the level of protocol and has the dimensions of true friendship and fraternal cooperation in line with their common goals, Rombolaco used the following statements:

The bridge of cooperation between our institutions is distinguished by the readiness and timely response to any common challenge. This factor encourages us in the future to deepen cooperation on specific issues such as combating organized crime and terrorism and increasing the training capabilities of the police in both countries.”

Turkey’s ambassador to Tirana, pilot Kajan Atay, confirmed that Turkey is always ready to support the Albanian police.

Albanian authorities announced that in July and September, the country suffered a massive cyberattack that was suspected to have been synchronized and carried out from abroad.

Albania has announced that it has decided to sever diplomatic relations with Iran in response to the cyber attack on its digital infrastructure on September 7.


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