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Balkans |  Euro blow to consumers in Croatia

The price hikes following the adoption of the euro as the official currency in Croatia caused a reaction.

In Croatia, the price increases observed in consumer products with the shift to the euro have caused reactions from consumers, consumer rights organizations and the government.

In response to the surges that followed the switch to the single European currency, the Croatian government accused retailers of opportunism and abuse.

Assessing the increases despite the government’s assurances that there will be no price hikes, Economy Minister Davor Filipović said a blacklist of retail chains raising prices or applying a price cap for some consumer products is on the table. “The Croatian government and citizens demand lower prices,” Filipovic said.

Retail chains and service providers are accused of rounding prices to integer figures at the expense of consumers, in violation of the fixed price of 1 euro and 7.5 kuna for goods and services previously sold in the national currency, kuna.

Source: Balkan News

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