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Balkans |  Expedite the passage of arrivals through the border gates

Edirne Governor H. Kurshat Kirbek that measures have been taken to ensure that expatriates who come to Turkey for their summer holidays pass through the border gates quickly and smoothly.

According to the statement issued by the governor’s office, at the meeting, which was chaired by Governor Kirbek, the measures to be taken at the border gates during the holiday season were discussed.

At the meeting in which the current situation at the border gates was evaluated, the preparations made and the measures to be taken, the officials of the Regional Directorate of Customs and Foreign Trade in Thrace shared the entry and exit data of vehicles and passengers for previous years.

At the meeting, additional tasks to be performed were evaluated according to personnel status and intensity.

Governor Kirbek, whose views are included in the statement, stated that Turks living abroad have been yearning for their homeland for 11 months.

Noting that they aim to achieve the best possible entry and exit from the border gates, Kirbeck said:

“At this point, our main responsibility is to reduce the average processing time in their customs clearance, to provide high-level, friendly and high-quality service and to carry out check-in and check-out procedures. While doing these processes, we need to ensure security on the one hand and speedy transition on the other hand.

On the other hand, it is very important for the gendarmerie to take security measures at truck stops, roadsides and other areas of the entrance. All our units that will operate and provide the service must operate in coordination with appropriate working hours, shift hours and planning.”

Kirbek noted that faster transfers increase the time expatriates spend in Edirne and contribute to the city’s economy.

Deputy Governors Sadeghi Zain and Samet Öztürk, Lalabaşa District Governor Umar Bulut, Ipsala Province Governor Umar Dir, Trakya Regional Director of Customs and Foreign Trade Nihat Kenik, District Police Chief Mustafa Salar, Regional Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Suat Dönmez, Edirne Chamber of Commerce President Hader Sesay Irmak and other officials.


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