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Balkans |  Fenerbahçe lost 3-1 to the Serbian team Red Star

In preparation for the new season, Fenerbahçe lost 3-1 to Serbian team Kızılyıldız in the second match of the Pari Premier Cup in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Starting the game quickly, Red Star took the lead with Olayinka Lake in the ball thrown behind the defense in the first minute.

In the next episode, Red Star was the side that got into serious positions with quick attacks. The Serbian national team, which was unable to take advantage of important positions in the 17th, 27th and 36th minutes, reached its second lake in the 39th minute with another quick attack developed by Ismail Joksek with the loss of the ball in the middle of the field. Ivanic hit the ball that Olainka sent into the penalty area with a header from the far corner and sent the leather ball into the net: 0-2.

Fenerbahçe, who wanted to develop an attack by putting the ball in the middle area and could not respond to Kızılıdız’s toughness, could not enter the sufficient position by losing the ball. Ismail Kartal, who made an early substitution in the 21st minute due to a stomach ache, took Ismail Joksek to midfield in place of this player.

The first half of the match ended with Red Star winning 2-0.

Fenerbahçe coach Ismail Kartal started the second half with Irfan Can Iribayat in place of Altay Bayender, Serdar Aziz in place of Gustavo Henrique and Ryan Kent in place of Burak Kabacak.

Playing better than his opponent after the changes, Fenerbahçe found the goal he was looking for in the 79th minute with a header shot by Pedro, who entered the match in the second half. Pedro, who entered the game instead of Perez in the second half, rose to the ball, which was well positioned on the left line by Osterwalde, and enabled his team to reduce the difference to one with a headed goal: 1-2.

Red Star, who gave importance to the counter-attack in these sections, scored the third goal from the foot of Lucic, who met a cake behind the defense and faced goalkeeper Irfan Kan Eribayat, bringing the situation to 3-1.

The match ended with Red Star winning 3-1.

Red card for Ismail Kartal for objection

After a harsh foul against Fenerbahçe’s Osai-Samuel, Rodic entered the field and objected, and coach Ismail Kartal was punished with a red card, which he received from the second yellow card in the 85th minute, and sent to the stands.

Fenerbahçe players and substitutes protested the referee for a long time because of this decision.

No more goals were scored in the remaining time and Fenerbahçe left the second match of the championship with a 3-1 defeat.

Edin Dzeko, who moved from the Italian team Inter, played his first match in the Fenerbahçe shirt.

Ferdi Cadioglu, who returned from the national team with an injury and started working with the team in training, was not in danger in this match either.

Prior to the match, the Russian security teams put in place tight security measures in and around the stadium.


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