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Balkans |  Fenerbahce’s new transfer Dzeko is ambitious

Star footballer Edin Dzeko, Fenerbahçe’s new transfer, said he is happy and excited to be joining the yellow and dark blue club.

The Bosnia and Herzegovina national team striker made the remarks on the program broadcast on FB TV.

Speaking about his move to Turkey, the 37-year-old footballer said: “I feel excited and happy to be at Fenerbahçe, in this wonderful community. I hope we can do great things together.” He said.

Dzeko explained his desire to win trophies in the yellow and blue club, saying, “When I was young and young, great Bosnian players played here. Elvir Polic and Elvir Palic played in Fenerbahçe. At that time, Palic moved from Fenerbahçe to Real Madrid. She was one of the Bosnia’s biggest transfer. I already knew a lot about Fenerbahçe. Fenerbahçe is the biggest club in Turkey and the biggest club. That’s why I came to Fenerbahçe. Fenerbahçe is a club with many historical achievements. I hope we win many trophies together. The goal of this wonderful and wonderful community is always championships and prizes.” He said.

“Our teacher is a kind and gentle person”

Edin Dzeko expressed his thoughts on coach Ismail Kartal.

They met Kartal, the Bosnian-Herzegovinian striker said, “Our teacher is a kind and gentle person. When I came here, he introduced himself and conveyed his expectations of me. It was a nice conversation and a meeting. Although I come from Europe, I am a footballer who always wants to improve myself, trying “To be useful to the club and to our coach, always trying to show my best. For a footballer, his past isn’t really important, because you have to constantly look to the future and evaluate the future, and you can always improve. I always have that mentality too.” Use phrases.

Explaining that Ismail Kartal had a meeting with them, Dzeko said:

“If you are in a great and great club like Fenerbahçe, you have to work together and work together for the same purpose. Our mentor held a meeting yesterday and explained his expectations clearly and precisely. He expressed the type of team he wanted and gave us directions on the type of game we should play. It was a positive meeting. I’m in The biggest club in Turkey, and I’m in Fenerbahçe. We need to win the games we play. At this stage, everyone is needed during the season. We need the fans, the people who work here, our colleagues to experience championships and successes. Only if we work together like this can we achieve our goals “.

“I’m excited to experience and see the atmosphere”

Dzeko praised the atmosphere of football in Turkey and stressed that he was looking forward to the day when he would appear in front of the fans.

Recalling that he played in the UEFA Champions League Final between his former team Inter and Manchester City in Istanbul last season, the football star said: “I know the atmosphere in Turkey and Istanbul. The stadiums are very beautiful. You play in front of full stands. I am excited to experience and see that atmosphere. When “I spoke to the Bosnian players who played here before, they also told me the atmosphere was great. With the passage of time, I think the Turkish League has reached a much better point. The stadiums are full. The league is also developing with time. I also look forward to the start of the league.” express an opinion.

Edin Dzeko, who said there must be unity in society to succeed, said, “I heard from my colleagues how great the Fenerbahçe fans are, that the stadium is always full, and the atmosphere is great. If you want to achieve great things, you have to work together. Footballer Feet, teacher, fans, our president, in short, society needs to be integrated and involved. I think a great team like Fenerbahçe should work together in order to achieve success at this stage.” He concluded.


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