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Balkans |  Floods cause property damage in Kosovo

In yesterday’s flood in the town of Skenderai, Kosovo, many houses were flooded and vehicles were damaged.

Because of the rains, the “Kalina” river in the middle of Secndary overflowed.

In the flood that occurred as a result of the overflow of the river, many houses were flooded, and parked cars and tractors were damaged.

It was noted that citizens tried in the morning hours to get their cars out of the affected areas with the help of the authorities.

The Kosovo Security Force, firefighters and local authorities rushed to the aid of citizens in the areas where the floods occurred.

Kosovo’s Prime Minister Albin Kurti, along with Defense Minister Armind Mihaj and Local Government Minister Elbert Krasniqi, visited FSK soldiers who were carrying out evacuations on boats.

Kurti said that the government of Kosovo with all its capabilities stands by the citizens of the flooded areas and provides them with all kinds of support.

In a statement issued by the Kosovo Institute of Meteorology, it was reported that rains will continue until January 25 and there is a possibility of flooding in other parts of the country.

Balkan countries such as Albania, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are also suffering from flooding due to the recent rains.


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