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Balkans |  Forest fires continue in Rhodes

While most of the 5-day wildfires in many places in Greece have been brought under control, it has been reported that the fire is still on in Rhodes Island.

According to the news broadcast by the Greek media, some hotels, villages and beaches were evacuated after the fire began to increase its impact.

Nearly 2,000 people, including tourists, have been evacuated by sea, said Greek fire brigade spokesman Yannis Artopios.

Artobius explained that three coast guard ships, an army lifeboat and 30 private boats participated in the evacuation, and the evacuees will be housed in cruise ships, schools and gyms.

Artopios shared the information that the supporting teams will arrive at Ada early in the morning.

On the other hand, the authorities indicated that the Rhodes fire is “the most dangerous fire in Greece,” and the authorities said that more than 200 firefighters, 40 vehicles, 3 planes and 5 helicopters participated in the extinguishing efforts.

The authorities warned that the “risk of fire is high” in the country, as the air temperature will reach 45 degrees in some areas today.

Firefighting planes and helicopters have been sent to Greece so far from Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Italy and France.

On the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, two amphibious firefighting aircraft and a firefighting helicopter belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry arrived in Athens yesterday morning with a flight crew of 9 people on board.

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