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Balkans |  Fuel cuts have ended in Bulgaria

At the request of Finance Minister Ruzitsa Vilkova, Bulgarian lawmakers refused to extend the validity of the measure, ending the deduction of 25 stotinki per liter of fuel purchased. The measure will expire on December 31, because even with its funding, it was not passed as part of the Budget Extension Act, and the National Revenue Agency (NAP) will not be able to manage its implementation.

After the Council’s decision, Minister Vilkova commented: “The Council of Ministers cannot assign tasks to the NAP, since the duties of the NAP are specified in the law, and only the People’s Assembly can assign tasks to the NAP.”

However, Velkova’s proposal to cut fuel was brought up for discussion at the last possible moment before the vote on the budget extension law, and it cannot be discussed during the discussion of the bill in the committee in the second reading.

The idea of ​​the Minister of Finance was to continue the measure until the first month of the new year, until a new version of the measure, prepared by the Provisional Government, would become clear and pass the public debate. The provisional cabinet held that the measure would target a specific group and be covered from tax revenues previously paid from the excess profits of Lukoil Neftohim Burgas.


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