Balkans | Funerals to be buried in memory of the genocide in Srebrenica were sent with prayers from Sarajevo

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Balkans |  Funerals to be buried in memory of the genocide in Srebrenica were sent with prayers from Sarajevo

The funerals for the 30 victims killed in the 1995 genocide in Srebrenica, in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, who will be buried after the memorial service this year, were a tearful farewell from the capital, Sarajevo.

Leaving the city cemetery of Visoko in the morning, a convoy carrying the bodies of 30 genocide victims, whose identities have been identified, arrived in front of the presidential building in the capital, Sarajevo.

Greeted with flowers by hundreds of Sarajevos, the caravan waited here for quite some time. Children, old and young, many Sarajevo residents left flowers that they brought with them on the truck.

As the convoy crossed, where there were emotional moments, many people hugged the truck and shed tears.

The ceremony was attended by Bosnian member Denis Besirovic, Croatian member Zeljko Komsic, High Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina Christian Schmidt, Mufti of Sarajevo Enes Levakovic, Turkish Ambassador to Sarajevo Sadik Babur Vergin, as well as many officials.

In his speech here, Beserović said that the United Nations has resolutions regarding genocide against Bosniaks.

Stating that they do not accept the denial of genocide, Beserović said, “Together with representatives of the international community, we have an obligation to act more forcefully, decisively, and in accordance with the laws of this country in the future to protect the dignity of the victims of genocide and their families.” He said.

The caravan also passed famous places where massacres took place during the war, such as the Memorial for Murdered Children and Markali.

Funerals will be held on July 11th

The bodies arriving in Potocari near Srebrenica this evening will be placed in the old dump factory used as a base for Dutch soldiers who served under UN supervision in the war.

The coffins, which will be moved to Potocari Memorial Cemetery tomorrow, will be interred after the funeral service which will be held on Tuesday 11 July.

He stated that Elvir Salcinović, who was 15 when he was the youngest of the 30 genocide victims to be buried on the 28th anniversary of the genocide, was killed, and Nazir Muminović, who was killed at the age of 65, was the oldest. victim.

What happened in Srebrenica?

After the occupation of Srebrenica by Serb forces led by Ratko Mladić on 11 July 1995, Bosniak civilians who had taken refuge with Dutch soldiers inside the UN were handed over to the Serbs.

Allowing women and children access to the area controlled by Bosniak soldiers, the Serbs massacred no fewer than 8,372 Bosniak men in forest areas, factories, and warehouses. The Bosnian dead were buried in mass graves.

After the war, the victims whose bodies were found were buried in mass graves in an effort to find the missing in a ceremony held at the Potocari Memorial Cemetery on 11 July each year after their identification.

While there are 6,721 graves of genocide victims at Potocari Memorial Cemetery, that number will rise to 6,751 on July 11.


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