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Balkans |  Goloturk won the 2022 Prize for Literature in Prizren

On the occasion of “Library Day” on December 22, at the literary awards ceremony organized by the Inter-Municipal Library in Prizren (as a result of competition and evaluation), prizes were presented to the top three poets and writers of 2022. .

The first prize was awarded to Fatim Callimachi, the second prize went to Xjyzide Shehu and Valbone Hadri, and the third prize went to Dr. It was given to Taner Gutluturk and Ottoman Seyit. The literary awards ceremony was attended by poets, intellectuals, writers, academics, municipal officials, members of the press, library directors, guests, and lovers of literature and books.

After the words of welcome to the project, the names of the poets and writers who won first, second and third places were announced. While the poets and writers featured at the award ceremony gave examples of their work, the young artists of the School of Music also gave instrumental performances.

The book of selection of works entitled “Akdere Sahilsı / Prane Lumbardhit” issued by the Directorate of Culture on the occasion of the “Library Day” was presented to the guests.

The 78th anniversary of the founding of the library was celebrated. On this occasion and for his contributions to the activities of the library, Prof. Dr. Yil Zigmi (Posthumous Relatives) is highly praised. After the ceremony, cocktails were served to the guests and souvenir photos were taken.

In a statement on the subject, Guturk said, “As we approach the end of 2022, being considered worthy of this beautiful award has removed the fatigue of our efforts, encouraged and honored us. This award was also an award to honor our Turkish language, our traditional, centuries-old original Turkish literature.” I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who honors, appreciates, respects, supports and praises our literature. It is difficult not to be happy with this valuable recognition. I would like to thank the Evaluation Committee, the Municipal Directorate of Culture, the Fidan Literature Club and the Prizren Inter-Municipal Library. I am grateful. I have So far I have won an international literary award. However, receiving an award from his homeland, being recognized by the people of his homeland and being owned by the state carries different happiness, different honor and different value. Thank you to each and every one of them. You are welcome! I hope we will continue to add beauty and aesthetic values To our beautiful country, the humanity in Turkish, and the beauty of all other languages. Many beautiful works together!” He used his statements.

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