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Balkans |  Great exercise from Israel, Greece and the USA in Western Thrace

Greece conducted a joint exercise with the US and Israeli armies in Western Thrace. These steps are considered dangerous for the balance in the region.

The joint military exercise called Thracian Cooperation-23, organized by Israeli, Greek and American infantry forces in Western Thrace, has ended.

A written statement by the Israeli army stated that the joint military exercises for the Israeli, Greek and American ground forces, which simulate multiple scenarios and were carried out on Greek soil, have been completed.

Includes areas such as conflict in crowded neighborhoods

In the statement, he stated that the exercise covered a variety of areas, including conflicts in crowded neighborhoods, logistics during war, night warfare, engineering capabilities, artillery and border protection, with a focus on military innovations and managing international professional dialogue.

He stated that the exercise represents a basic and important mechanism in the relations between the armies in order to develop and strengthen capabilities to deal with and combat regional threats. Tal Wallenberg, the Israeli military attache in Athens, noted that the exercises are a reflection of the continued important relations and cooperation with the Greek ground forces.

What are the regional threats targeted by the exercise?

The information reported by the Israeli press about the exercise stated that “the exercise was carried out with the aim of developing and strengthening capabilities in dealing with and combating regional threats” and that it “included various fields, including border protection.” raised questions.

Which country could pose a threat in the region to Greece, the United States and Israel was a matter of curiosity.

The following assessment by analysts who closely follow developments in the region is noteworthy:

It is known that Greece and its partners do not pose any regional threat in terms of their positions in the border countries of Bulgaria, Albania and North Macedonia. In this case, only Turkey remains, which can be considered a “threat”. Turkey responds because it sees it. It is dangerous for the balances in the region to bring Israel to the exercises in Western Thrace where the Turks live, despite Greece’s harsh statements by the United States, Israel and Turkey such as “we know what is being done, we see what is being done, we are the target and we will do what is necessary when It’s time.” She steps.

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