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Balkans |  Great support for orphan families sponsored by the Alsar Foundation

Founded in 2006 in Tirana, the capital of Albania, the Alsar Foundation is a non-governmental organization working in the fields of education, culture and social assistance. It continues its activities throughout Albania and in the Balkans.

The Foundation protects about 3,500 orphaned children. Since 2008, he has been helping orphaned children and their families with various projects. This assistance is not only limited to food, clothing, heating, and cash assistance, but also provides opportunities for orphaned children and their families to earn a living with their own efforts through various projects it has developed. These families are almost taught to catch and eat fish. In this context, a project was developed to donate olive trees, citrus fruits, nuts, seeds and fertilizers to orphaned children and their families in cooperation with TIKA, Turkish NGOs and NGOs established by Turks in Europe. Through these projects, these families had the opportunity to meet their needs and contributed to the agricultural and economic activities of the country.

A very important contribution was made with the project carried out in cooperation with TIKA recently. An inventory of the lands of orphan families has been drawn up under the auspices of the Al-Saar Foundation, and the agricultural areas that can be cultivated by each family are determined. 35 multifarms were donated to orphaned families in Lošnji, Albania, in this project, which was implemented to enable productive farming in these areas. With this agricultural machine, which can do the work that a tractor can do, the soil is processed efficiently, which contributes greatly to families, farming and the economy.

Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Tirana Pilot Kacan Atay, Coordinator of TIKA Albania Emine Gizem Pakan, and President of the Sar Foundation Mehdi Karara attended the multi-farmer distribution ceremony. Speaking at the ceremony, Tirana Ambassador Pilot Kajan Atay said that the projects they implemented under the leadership of TIKA with the support of the Alsar Foundation are continuing. In this context, Atay mentioned that last year, fruit seedlings were provided to orphaned families, especially to support women’s production in agriculture, noting that seeds and fertilizers were donated to orphaned families at the beginning of this year. Atay thanked the Alsar Foundation and Tika for their contribution to the project and said:

“As a final link in this chain, we are donating agricultural machinery, especially small tractor-like vehicles that will increase productivity suitable for automation, for our 35 families. We, as an embassy, ​​are very happy to support families in need as much as possible by showing our excellent relations with Albania in Maidan. We are very happy with the interest. There is always trust. Against Turkey and against Turkish aid. We will always support our brother and friend Albania in good times and bad times. We have seen that the Albanian people also love Turkey and stand by it with the aid provided during the February 6 earthquakes.”

The head of the Alsar Foundation, Mahdi Qara, stated that they implemented another project to support orphaned families and said: “This project is a continuation of the projects that we started for families of orphaned children who have usable land. It is a tool that serves all families who have the means to use their lands, cultivate them, generate income and revive their economy,” he said. He thanked the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, Ambassador Pilot Kacan Atay, and the Coordinator of TIKA and TIKA Albania, Emin Gizem, for their unwavering support in their projects, and the Turkish institutions and organizations in Turkey and Europe with which they cooperate. permanently.

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