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Balkans |  Greece Forest Fire: I’m excited to see the fires

The war against the fires ravaging Greece has been going on for days. Fires broke out again in the capital, Athens. While new fires broke out in Xanthi and Thessaloniki, the fires spread to a wider area in Rhodes and Laconia. The statement by the arsonist, who was responsible for 3 fires, “I’m excited to see the fires” was met with a huge response.

Greece has been fighting with fire for days. While the heat wave continues across the country, the fires cannot be put out.

A total of 62 other fires have broken out in the past 24 hours.

The forest fire, which broke out in an area west of the capital, Athens, broke out again and was brought under control, trees near buildings were burned, and an additional evacuation decision was made.

Fires also broke out in Xanthi and Thessaloniki. The fires in Rhodes and Laconia also spread to a wider area.

The fight against the flames continues on the ground and in the air with help from abroad.

However, due to the thick smoke, the firefighting work is progressing with difficulty.

And in the country, where the air temperature is expected to reach 45 degrees, a warning of fire risks has been issued for five regions.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis held a press conference about the fires.

“Fortunately, the fires have not lost as much property as we first feared.” His words received a great response.

Watching fire excites me

In the first controls, 60 houses in the Attica region were reported as uninhabitable.

Another confession came from those who confessed to committing arson in three areas.

“I am excited to see tons of water falling from the air by planes,” said Al-Mashaal, 30, who was arrested. He said.

He said in his statement that he is excited to see the firefighting activity in general, the sirens and the fire map.


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