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Balkans |  Greece goes to the polls on Sunday

There is election excitement not only in Türkiye but also in Greece. The country will head to the polls for the general elections on Sunday. Opinion polls point to the coalition government.

The countdown to the general elections continues in Greece, and representatives of political parties are trying to explain their promises to voters ahead of the elections scheduled for Sunday.

Syriza, the coalition of the left in the main opposition, which wants a second chance at power, organized a rally with wide participation in the capital, Athens.

At the rally, the economy was on the agenda of Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras. Tsipras addressed Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

“It is time for the worst right-wing government in our country to end since the junta was overthrown,” Tsipras said. Therefore, I would like to give Mr. Mikotakis some advice. From now on, let him start packing his things in the Prime Minister’s office.” He used phrases.

During the economic crisis in Greece in 2009, Syriza received support from the public with its anti-note policies, but when it came to power it had to sign a memorandum agreement with the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. This is why SYRIZA has been criticized by its constituents for “moving from the left to the center”.

The center-left PASOK party, which has been in power in the country for decades, is joining the elections as the PASOK-KINAL alliance by merging with another left-wing party.

According to the poll, no single party can gain a majority

On the other hand, according to opinion polls in Greece, no party will take power alone in the general elections.

Mikotakis’ New Democracy party, which is currently in power, is expected to come first, Syriza coalition second and PASOK-KINAL third in opinion polls.

On the other hand, the fact that the parties obtained the same ranking in opinion polls as the results of the previous general elections has reduced the electoral excitement in the country. Therefore, interest in the general election is expected to remain low.

Turnout in the 2019 general election, which transferred power from Syriza to New Democracy, was 57.7 percent. If a coalition cannot be formed after the election results, the public is expected to head to the polls again.


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